I just ordered a fuchsia perfo cles.... woo hoo...

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  1. I just got off the phone with the LV in Puerto Rico and I got their last cles in the color Fuchsia!! She said it was the last one too!!
    I had ordered an orange one from elux and liked it, but really wanted the pink color! I am sending the orange back since the poor little thing never got used once!
    I am so excited to get my pink little cutie soon.... :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Congrats on finding one!! I called so many places last week looking for the fuchsia cles, but had no luck.
  3. Congrats, it's so cute!
  4. Congrats, the fuchsia is a nice color
  5. Congrats!
  6. Congrats!!!! :yahoo: So happy for you! :yahoo:

    Jenn, did you try the SF LV? I think I saw one on display there?
  7. congrats on your find! i reckon the fuchsia is SO hot!!!
  8. LVMamaAZ-- Congrats!!

    BTW-- when I was at Scottsdale Fashion on Tuesday, I could have sworn that they had one in the front glass display case:sad:
  9. you mean i just could have driven to scottsdale! :Push:
    the girl at the 866 vuitton # directed me to the Puerto Rico store because she said that's where the last one was!
    Dang... I could have had it today and no S&H charges! Oh well... at least I got one so I'll be happy!:yes:

    For the others that wanted one,call the Scottsdale AZ store to see if it's there! :graucho:
  10. I actually just bought a green cles at the SF LV on my lunch break. There were definitely no fuschia at the store. :crybaby:
  11. Oh! Congrats on the green cles mpark! I thought I saw one either there or at NM but they are going so fast. I got my orange one on Saturday and I'm so glad I did! :yes:
  12. CONGRATS! I got mine from the Puerto Rico LV too!!!! The SAs down there are sooooooo nice, they sent a little note in the box too, on the nice LV stationary...that was pretty awesome! Fuchsia perfo cles ROCK!
  13. yay!!! congrats!!!!
  14. Congrats on getting it!
  15. I´m getting my orange perfo cles on monday:yahoo::yahoo:So exxcited for you too, gongrats!
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