I just opened my wallet to find

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  1. That my 1 yr old son, obviously thought my Black Multicolor Porte Tressor wallet just wasn't pretty enough :p
    And has added some unique patterns on the inside in blue pen.

    Any help on what I can do to get it off??
  2. Oh no!! Well, for pen marks the only thing you might want to try is a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I don't think it will take it off completely, but it could lessen it quite a bit. Good luck!
  3. I know it's hard but maybe just see it as a precious little piece of art you'll have for years. LVs last a long time, and now his love scribbles to mommy will too.
  4. Awww!! I'm sorry! Try browsing the thread that lorihmatthews gave! Good luck

  5. This is a great thread, but it discusses patina and cleaning vachetta, but not really PEN marks. For pen marks the only thing I would try would be the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. You do not want to put anything oily or lotion on it because it may make the ink set in deeper to the leather or even make it run so that it's a mess, kwim? I hope you can get it to lighten at least. :yes:
  6. I feel for you! Here's my tip:

    Go to any home improvement store and get a can of "Goof Off". It smells horrible, but works really well to remove pen marks. My sister in law's blue ink pen exploded and got on her MC speedy's vachette trim and I just very carefully used a q-tip and goof off. I actually got everything off! Couple of caveats... work very slowly and in small areas with a q-tip, the chemicals can be strong, so don't breathe in too much of the fumes. Good luck!!
  7. Ouch sorry! Hope all the suggestions above work. I wont give my future kid any type of marker!!!
  8. I like your outlook on life.:smile:
  9. this is impossible!!!! those toddlers WILL find every kind of PEN and MARKER!!! LOL :p :heart:

    did you try baby wipes?!!!
    my 1yr old daughter 'wrote' on her dress with permanent maker just yesterday --- it was my favorite pink dress!!!:wtf:

    and it is not a pen mark.... but on my black MC cles, there are tons of her teeth marks.....which i cherish, i know i will remember her being little and teething:drool: --- forever everytime i look at it ....:love:
  10. I hope it comes out for you-if not I agree that you will always be reminded of your sons artwork and make you smile
  11. that is so cute about the teeth marks, makes it more special imo. My one year old only has those 2 bottom teeth, I swear he will never have anymore teeth! lol My others got their tooth so much sooner. Sorry about the dress btw, I have been able to scrub w/ a lot of elbow grease pen out of cotton shirts before, so there is hope perhaps.
  12. Too true, all it takes is 2 mins on the phone and they have found stuff you've hidden from them :rolleyes:

    I found some sugar soap, I might try that.
    If it doesn't work, just means I have an excuse to get a new wallet, keep this one for a cherished memory eh? :p
  13. Well the sugar soap worked fantastically!! All is off. It even works to get pen off suede dining chairs, found out this is what the little mr was using as his table when drawing on Mummys wallet. It is the first time he's got his hands on a pen,lol.
  14. What is sugar soap?