i just noticed this about my new purchase anddd...

  1. i'm not sure if it's an authentic LV no-no? it's not very noticable at all so i'm not sure if quality control would have caught it or if it doesn't even matter and it can be there. i just know for the most part that LVs on monogram bags are not really supposed to be cut off even thought it may occasionally happen depending on the style of the bag, and everything should be symmetrical and line up correctly. however i'm crazy and notice every little thing about my LV items, so is this okay or no?


    i pointed out where the "louis vuitton" is located in the piping of my mini azur pochette, it is also on the other corner on this side, but is not present on the other side. is this something that normally is not present in damiers? is the louis vuitton "box" not supposed to be in the piping? i don't know? :shrugs: am i being crazy? i won't care about it if tPFers say it's not a big deal and that it doesn't matter, but if it's not supposed to be there i want to exchange it for a different one!

  2. Well if you're deff not happy with it, I'd exchange it, purchases should always be perfect IMO. And I understand what you are saying too, surely the piping should match up with the rest of the pattern?
  3. Wow, I don't know! I just checked my speedy and I didn't see that, but maybe it's because it's a different style? But if this bothers you, then maybe you should try to exchange it.
  4. I would exchange it for sure...I do not think it would be a problem to do that at all! You MUST love it...KWIM?
  5. If it bugs you, I'd def. would exchange it :yes:

    Why have such a little thing spoil the joy about your bag, kwim?
  6. I just checked my brown Damier Mini Pochette and it looks pretty much exactly like yours - it has the Louis Vuitton "box" in the piping.
  7. I don't know if the pochettes are really like that or not, but my speedy 25 from elux has a loose thread near the opening and I didn't notice it til after a week or so. It doesn't really bother me, but I worry if I decide to sell it in the future people might say it's not "authentic" :rolleyes: It just bugs me that after we pay so much for LV bags the quality control isn't up to par.
  8. yeah i'm not really sure. i don't think it really bugs me enough, i was just curious to see if other tPFers had this in any of their damier items or if that's something that LV lovers turn their nose up at if they see it. i got it in new york and honestly i don't know if/when/where i'll be able to exchange it. not like i can use it anytime soon, i bought it behind mom and dad's back while they were at a show. lol. normally i'm like "look what i bought!" but they would yell at me and dad would get mad because i owe him $700 right now. lol he will eventually get it ;)
  9. It's fine, mine is like that. The patterns might not match up exactly but it's not a big deal.

  10. ok good :biggrin:
  11. My damier 30 had two loose threads by the piping on one side. I took it back a month later and they gave me a new bag no questions. Maybe you should try..
  12. yeah mine is like that....i thought the same as you but when I got it, it was the last one at the time....
  13. Just checked my azur pochette and it looks just like that too-
  14. lol maybe they're SUPPOSED to be like that then? lol, i guess it doesn't matter.
  15. If it bothers you exchange it :p I wouldnt worry about ti though, I don't think it's noticable