I Just Noticed Something In The Celeb Thread

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  1. Alot of folks are still carrying their white MC Louis. I usually only carry mines during the spring/summer months (May-early Sept). :shrugs:

    Do anyone else carry their white MCs during the fall/winter months or do you pack them up for the winter?
  2. ^I don't have any white MC :sad: but if I did, I would *probably* carry it year round...but I live in Arizona so we don't have the 'traditional' seasons, KWIM??
  3. I'll carry mine if the sun out, regardless of the season.
  4. Yeah I just wore mine to a dinner party a couple of weeks ago.
  5. Still carrying mine...mind you it's the only LV bag i have (until tonite that is)!
  6. I have MC Speedy & Alma. I carry them in the spring, summer, & early fall. I don't carry them when the weather gets cooler because I think mono & damier look better with sweaters & coats.
  7. I only have one white MC bag but I would be quite happy to carry it all year round. We only really have one season though - summer.:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  8. i use white mc all year long
  9. I would only use white MC during the Spring/Summer.
  10. I live in the Northeast and I don't care about winter=dark color
  11. Right...unless I lived somewhere that most fall trends didn't affect due to unusually warm weather all year round.
  12. hmm im still using mine because it brightens up my wintery clothes :biggrin:
  13. If I had one, I would only use it during the spring/ summer.
  14. I use my MC bags when it goes well with my outfit.
  15. White MC should be used in the warm weather months (especially in NYC). For some reason white MC looks bad in the winter here. If you are in a state that have warm weather all year around its fine