i just need to vent.

  1. im so sick and tired of people making fun of me & being cruel for what i have (aka coach). i mean, all my life ive been teased for being overweight, but really, people must tease me for getting bags? they label me "the rich kid" or "princess" or "spoiled brat" and other profound names id perfer to not say. it actually hurts when they decide to put me into a stereotype. just because i have nice things DOESNT mean im rich. im not mean or anything, im really nice to people, so i wish theyd return that. so i get coach & juicy couture. who cares? its really none of their buisness anyway. i work incredibly hard for what i have. im just so aggitated with people constantly being rude & nasty. :cursing: i try not to react to it because i know thats what keeps people going, but it still gets to me after a while.

    has anyone else had this problem/something similar? itd be great to know im not alone.
  2. check out the thread in the main forum, people talking down...i think it happens to all of us at 1 point or another.
  3. Oh that's so sad. But try and ignore other's jealousy. Just keep being you and rise above it all.
  4. Who are these people ? Are you in highschool ?
  5. yes i am. im only 16; im a sophmore.
  6. i had the same problem, before i even had anything coach. who cares what they think? you're better than that. don't let them get the best of you. :biggrin:
  7. I am not in high school, and I probably seem very old to you at 35, but as you get older you will learn to not care what people think. These people that are saying such hurtful things are probably just reacting this way because they are jealous. I know that it is easier said than done, but try and turn the other cheek...their nasty comments will lose their luster when they no longer get a reaction out of you.
  8. Well if it makes you feel better, most of what happens in highschool won't affect you in your adult life much especially if you never HAVE to deal with these people again. Kids are mean, girls can be catty, they gang up on people and stuff and for some reason it makes them feel better about themselves which is really pathetic. These are the people who either will change their lives and look back and feel bad for what they did in Highschool to other people or will never "grow" as people and will continue to just be a-h's and live miserable lives. The people who think they are better than everyone else in highschool usually those (high school years) are their "golden years" and it is all downhill from there, pretty sad since people usually are still teenagers when they graduate and the people who don't stand out much, and are overweight or "nerdy" or have some other perceived social problem that people will make fun of them for usually end up beautiful and successful and confident believe me it happens. It might not seem this way now but it will happen, eventually highschool will seem like an insignificant blur. I probably sound old right now(I am ) but I wished somebody would have told me the same thing when I was in highschool.
  9. thank you everyone! im feeling alot better :smile: well until i go to school on tuesday...haha
  10. Ditto this, my thoughts exactly!
  11. Unfortunately cruelty is sometimes at the worst in high school. Many girls will find many things to pick on. The trick is not to let them get to you---girls like this can smell vulnerability. And pride yourself on your good taste!
  12. Ditto and ditto.

    I was teased terribly in school for being smart and overweight. But in the end, what difference does it make? Sure, high school was hell because of these people, but once it was over, so were they. I've only seen them once since (reunion) and have no desire to again. I have no need to impress these people - if they're going to be shallow and catty, so be it. You can't change that. All you can do is thicken your skin and not react. What they say doesn't define you - don't let it.
  13. Keep your head high and know that they are just jealous. ;)
  14. I agree with everyone here. The people in highschool are just plain jealous of you. Unfortunately, things won't change even when you get older. I'm 38 y/o (going to be 39 in May) and still run into these issues time to time and place to place. But like others said, you just learn to ignore them. Those same people who're like that in highschool will be even "more so" as they get older (just add "bitter" to it. *LOL*). Just continue to be yourself and be proud of who you are - that you're not like THEM!! :tup:
  15. Aw hunny! I would just blow them off....your a hot fox carrying around COACH while they have cheap a$$ imitations!!

    I just graduated last June and kids were the same way with me. They have nothing else to talk about, hence them trashing you. It's pointless to be upset over, so don't let it get to you! Wear your COACH with pride, girlfriend! They're just jealous haters!