i just need to vent- having a lousy month

  1. So, my story is that i'm a professional graphic designer. To supplement my shopping habits, I've been making and selling custom bridal/wedding related items on eBay. I've been having a pretty lousy time lately and this woman who's obviously a bridezilla buys some favor tags from me in a berry color. I match the color perfectly and send her order out. The next thing I know she's left me a neutral comment that was just rude. ( colors are not good. I can do this myself) i just wanted to say that i completely didn't derserve that and all my other customers rave about my items. She's a fairly new ebayer and as all sellers know. New ebayers love to be reckless with feedback. I am extremely pissed because she was just being a complete b*$%#$# about it. She never even contacted me or told me what her beef was with the colors. Which matched the representation online. Sigh.... i'm thinking about retiring from it all. This is too stressful...
  2. aaaaw im so sorry that happened to you ! :sad: but please dont get discouraged by a stupid b*tch who hasnt got a clue ! :cursing: u said yourself other customers rave about your deisgns she must be just a stuck up spoiled monster ! im myself not planning a wedding in this life but i promise you when i will be organizing my huge not getting married party that will take place next year i will ask YOU to do the invitations ! :wlae:
  3. I'm sorry you had to deal with her! I'm sure they were great but some people just can't be pleased. Try not to let that one bridezilla bring you down. At least she did leave a neutral and didn't do a negative. Remember all of your other super satisfied customers and continue to do what you obviously have a knack for! Here's to nice people! :smile: Mean people suck!
  4. thanks ladies...
  5. I was having a horrific day also so I came home to take a nice bubble bath ...
    and the shower curtain fell on me ...

    some days just suck

    Tomorrow HAS to be better, right?? :flowers:
  6. I don't think you should let it get to you...I mean so many brides are just nutso....so many of my wonderful, totally reasonable normal friends....turned into raving loons...during their weddings...I'm sure you do a wonderful job it's not you...it's her!!!! :smile: ...and just be thankful that your dealings with her are done :smile:
  7. Thanks... you made me smile. Hopefully tomorrow we won't have to deal with all the BS!
  8. She should have done them herself, IF, she could!!!
    Just ignore her!!
    Can you imagine what her florist, caterer etc. will have to put up with, and they will be face to face!!
  9. awww.. don't give up your shopping just because some silly girl gave you a neutral. She isn't worth that! She could of atleast contacted you if she wasn't happy. I am sure she was just looking for something wrong to take out her wedding angst.
  10. Sorry to hear you have a bridezilla on your hands. I would also comment that she never contacted you, etc. as a reply to the neutral. I always read the replies when I look at seller's negatives and neutrals.

  11. please don't get dicouraged! as a matter of fact, you know you are better than that. AND you know that some people just won't ever be satisfied!

    do you know how to REPLY to feedback, in addition to leaving feedback? you can reply to her particular statement, then go on to leave feedback for her! two methods of combating the words! and the reply shows up on both of your feedbacks! stand up for your self!
  12. at least its a neutral and not a neg!
  13. what willyou leave for her feedback?
    i can see it now:
    "Bridezilla meets schitzophrenic is the only way to describe this customer"