i just need to vent about Ebay :(

  1. Hi everyone,

    I bumped into the forum when I was searching on google for selling branded bags on eBay.. so let me just say hi to everyone because i'm new here :smile:

    I just need a place to vent, i dont care if anyone reads it or not, I just need to get it out of my chest...

    3 days ago i posted an auction on eBay to sell my balenciaga first bag in magenta. i bought the bag about a year ago, in Perth (at a store called Cult Status, who sells authentic bags only), and decided to sell it because I want a new colour of balenciaga, and rather than let the bag sit around in my closet, i decide to sell it in hope of the bag finding a new loving owner, just like i was. I had a 100% feedback on eBay (although my feedback is still 18), and i've sold an authentic Balenciaga in bubblegum pink before (no complaint, the buyer is happy with the bag) and bought an authentic Chloe Paddington as well, so for me to be selling a fake would be completely out of character because I clearly appreciate the workmanship that goes into such bags and am willing to pay for it. And then suddenly, my auction was taken down by Ebay because it violated trademark policy!!!!! I obviously emailed Ebay, and still got no reply until today, it has been 48 hours (they said that they will contact me within 24-48 hours). Moreover, I don't think that the auction was reported by a VeRO member because no email or phone number of that member was provided to me.

    So there I was confused, and annoyed when I decided to go to Ebay Community to get some help at the answer forum. So I posted my dilemma, much like what I posted above, and all i got in reply was LOTS of *****iness! People accusing me of selling fake bags because the item is in Singapore and I'm located in Australia (for the record, I'm in Singapore right now, as is the bag, and will be here for another month because I'm doing a training here), and because when I sold my bubblegum pink Balenciaga, I did not accept any returns. The reason why I did that was because I was going away on a holiday for 2 months and if the buyer decided to return it, there would be no one there to do the return. Plus, I disclosed the condition of the bag (which had some darkening on the edges) and the bag was clearly authentic as I did not receive any return from her and she was very happy with the bag.

    Anyways, that's about it. I feel much better now. It is really irritating that they took down my listing when I'm selling an authentic Balenciaga, when there is so many listings selling fake Balenciaga!!!!! It's unfair and i wish Ebay would have done a closer check up.

    Oh, i've relisted the bag, and here's hoping that it won't be taken down again. Some says this is a bad move, but I simply do not know other places where I can sell the bag :sad:
  2. Sorry this happened to you, it is happening to so many people on ebay at the minute yet the fakes are remaining & they do nothing about serious violations like picture theft. I have a picture thief selling a Damier Duomo at the minute with my pics, people emailing me asking if this is mine, long ago reported it to ebay & they haven't taken the listing down! There is no rhyme or reason to ebay at the moment they need to get their act together!!!!
  3. Sorry was so busy sharing your frustration with ebay, I forget to welcome you :smile:
  4. I can understand how frustrated you must feel! I am really starting to wonder about eBay...I have just had a horrible experience on the other end of things, in dealing with a scammer seller. I am still trying to work it out, but there are sketchy people on there who are only out to pull one over on unsuspecting victims...Good luck to you, and I am sure that it will all work out. :yes:
  5. Sorry the folks on the Ebay board were mean, some of them tend to come across that way, but I'm sure they all meant well.

    I hope you got permission from Ebay to list it again, if not, relisting will probably result in you being suspended. I'm sure you bag is authentic, ebay just kind of doesn't pay attention to what it pulls. I've know people to have they auctions pulled, get permission to relist, only to have it pulled again. It gets pretty frustrating.
  6. Sorry that happened to you. Maybe you can relist the bag when you go back to Australia and that way there won't be any confusion. Ebay seems to be getting more and more difficult lately, unfortunately. Good luck.
  7. sell it on craigslist, poupette,google,pursedealer,Amazon,or an online consignment shop. take it off ebay or you will never be able to sell again, your account is going to get suspended. google or yahoo search "used designer handbags""sell designer handbags" and see what comes up it will give you options
  8. thanks everyone, for the VERY helpful reply and words of encouragement :smile:
    unfortunetely, because i was unable to contain myself, i vented out on those people on ebay forum who accused me of selling a fake bag and just gotten more hateful replies :sad: one person even said that i couldn't handle the truth that my bag is fake and that i'm the one being *****y (maybe i am being *****y, but wouldn't you if someone accuses your bag of being fake? :crybaby: ) i defn shouldn't have done that!

    but, i would definitely think about miamiabia's advice of selling the bag somewhere else.

    nothing is happening to the bag that i've relisted so far (by nothing i mean not even anyone viewing it) and here's hoping that nothing bad is going to happen.. but the way i see it is that i hope that somebody out there who knows their balenciaga, s/he will hopefully be interested in my auction, because it's an authentic and i barely used the bag. i had quite a number of interests as well before it was taken down :sad:

    in short, i'm still sad, but i'm hopeful. once again, thanks everybody :smile:
  9. Welcome and sorry to hear about your eBay experience.
  10. Yes Welcome.
    If you get a chance - peruse this site - you will see you are NOT alone!

    I haven't had a chance to go on the ebay forum. Is it worth it?
  11. Welcome and sorry you found the forum under such horrid circumstances. I have found this sub-forum much more useful than the Ebay community boards and would always come here for Ebay advice not to mention to share my bag passion.

    I would just add to the caution about putting the listing up again in case it causes more problems, although if no one is viewing, it may not actually be up just visible in 'my ebay'. Have you done a search to see if it shows up yet?
  12. gro3602 - well, i went to the answer center, i think that's what it's called, anyways it's where ebay users provide answers.. i didn't get any, all i got was people accusing me of having fake bag, and when i retiliated (is that how you spell it? :confused1:), they said that "i couldn't handle the truth because my bag is obviously fake". I say, forget the ebay answer center altogether, those people don't know an authentic bag even if i hit them with it in the face :push:
    This forum is MUCH MORE helpful than any ebay related answer centre thingie!

    and hello again to everyone :idea:
  13. Welcome groovyme! Another Aussie! :nuts: We are a supportive group here... :smile:

    I don't think you should relist until eBay gives you the go ahead, because if they pull it again there's chance they might suspend your account! A few people have complained about that lately here.

    The people working at eBay are quite clueless. They've been pulling auctions for authentic bags and leaving many of the horrendous fakes. Hang in there!
  14. Welcome sweetie! Sorry it is under these circumstances. I am also upset with Ebay - I have over 3,100 positive fb, and 99.8% positive. Ebay pulled an authentic Chloe handbag at the request of the Vero holder, Chloe. I purchased the handbag at Luisa via roma - I have the receipt. I have contact the vero rights holder, and I'm awaiting their reply. It has been one week today. Since this happened one week ago, I have been allowed to list one Louis Vuitton item. I have tried to list some LV boots, Chanel boots, Balenciaga handbag, etc., and I keep getting an error 240 from Ebay saying that there is a problem. I contacted Ebay two days ago, and they said they were forwarding my concern to the Trust & safety Department. I have not heard anything back from them. If you look at my feedback, you can see that I sell high end items, most of them mine, and I don't sell counterfeit items. I am an innocent victim who has been swept up into this mess caused by Ebay. Ebay should have been taking an active stance in keeping counterfeiters off of their marketplace instead of trying to shift that responsibility to someone else. Ebay and Paypal (which Ebay owns) were making profits from illegal activity, and they shirked their legal and moral responsibilities to keep THEIR marketplace free from counterfeiters, thieves, and other criminals. Now Ebay has handed over their responsibility to the vero rights owners. Chloe has hired a company to monitor their listings. This company clearly has no idea of what is a counterfeit. Chloe needs to hire a purse forum member to monitor their Ebay listings. I pay $600+ a month to Ebay for listing/fvf. I don't even know what I pay Paypal, but they receive a nice, healthy percentage also. Now I can't even list anything unless I want to list a Gap shirt - I haven't tried that one, but I may be stopped from listing that too!

    Groovyme, contact Ann's Fabulous Finds. She lists high end handbags. Right now she is only charging 20% for listing Balenciagas. You might want to consider sending them to her. People are very confident when purchasing from her because she thoroughly checks each bag, and she guarantees authenticity. Good luck sweetie, and ignore the Ebay people. Some of those people over there are nuts. :yes:
  15. Hiya groovyme and welcome:smile: Have never sold on ebay, but it must be frustrating to be accused of selling fakes, when you're one of the few who lists authentic...What caught my eye in your post, however, was the mention of Cult Status:yahoo: Couldn't believe it when I found this shop tucked away in King Street, went in and felt all the beautiful Balanciagas for the first time a few months ago. They have a big sale at the moment, 20-50% off, must go and check it out this week (or maybe I should just stay away from temptation..:rolleyes:) Anyway, good luck with the re-listing of your bag!