I just need.....to finish my collection.

  1. Fill in the blank!

    I just made a purchase on eBay (Inferno Cucciolo) and realized that it completed my collection (except for a few denaros that I would like, but am not desperate for). Wow - after months of obsessing and searching everywhere - my collection is pretty much done. :wtf:

    What do you all need to complete your collections?
  2. In order to finish my collection, apparently I need some sense of sanity. :wtf:
  3. I'm still trying to find a Citta Rosa Gioco or Ciao Ciao, Black Camo Bella Bella or Bambino, Citta Bambino, a Tutti BV, a Trasporto Campeggio & Denaro... Of course, I'm kinda short on funds right now but I'm sure maybe one day someone will decide to part with their loving purses :sad:
  4. I have a few more Vacanze purchases planned, and then I think I should be pretty much done with what I feel like I *need*.
  5. I still need something Citta, Tutti, Maybe something in Spiaggia and Adios Star. And when Foresta is Re-Release I would like to trade my perfect placement NWTs Foresta BV for a Foresta Campeggio or maybe Zucca+Cash. Then I would be done.. yay..hehe.. and then my wallet will be happy..lol.. :yes:
  6. I'm done other than finalizing what I want from Vacanze. I am still looking for my perfect Vacanze Gioco and then I think I might be done altogether. I'm pretty satisfied with what I have in the other prints at this point.
  7. oops! see below.
  8. I need the elusive L' Amore Bocce to complete my Bocce collection. I also need a Inferno Denaro to match my new Campeggio. I am collecting OP Black and some OP items so keeping an eye out for those as well. Oh, and a Vacanze Denaro with Adios snowboarding on front!
  9. Need a vacanze, and then I'm done. Unless of course I find a really good deal on a caramella or denaro.
  10. I need to find my "perfect" Vacanze (love my Gioco, but still wondering if there's a Stellina or Zucca out there for me), Citta Gioco, Citta Rosa something, Spiaggia something, Foresta something... Hehe this collab may be ending, but I'm far from done!
  11. Hey, I thought I saw a cheap(er) Inferno Cucciolo go up on eBay today! Congrats on scoring it. I love all my Inferno bags to death, and it definitely surpassed Foresta as my favorite print.

    I'm just waiting for the perfect Inferno Canguro to show itself somewhere and possibly another Foresta Buon Viaggio with a better placement compared to the one I have now
  12. Thanks! I was pretty excited!
  13. I need a vacanze bag... then I'll be "done" with prints... I still want a cangurino and I wanted to have a collection of dolces but everyone on eBay keeps listing at $100+ when they only retail for $80 and I have no money anyways lol
  14. I'm still kicking myself for getting rid of a cammo mamma mia, now I have nothing in Cammo, but I would like something small in it & then Arcania & Fumo, besides that I am lusting after a Foresta cucciolo, but ebay is insane, I have to hope for the HI re release & somehow getting one..
  15. Just need to get me a Vacanze Caramella and Zucca or MM...and of course another Foresta Bag, cause I only have a Bocce, I think I want a Foresta Zucca then i will be done...

    i think!