I just need some sympathy...

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  1. My DH is studying to become an engineer and he's exactly like this too. :-]
  2. :rolleyes: Oh Lord... don't get me started on freakin' engineers!! My DH is an Electrical Engineer for a large automotive firm in MI... we moved here for his job, and I basically had to put my career on hold to further his.

    I was okay with that (I'm younger)... but ever since we moved over here and his salary increased- the snippy "I'm better then you" because "I'm the one that makes the $$" attitude has gotten worse...

    I'm glad your hubby knew to make nice and appreciate all that you do!! We don't even have kids yet, and I couldn't imagine keeping track of THREE kids AND a house!! You rock dear!! Quite frankly... I'm scared to have kids at this point, because I am wondering how he'll act then!! :nogood:
  3. I'm glad you got this sorted out. Sometimes stress can make us say things we wouldn't in our right minds.
  4. OK i'm glad he got you coffee and apologized.

    but make sure he GETS IT - that what yuo're doing is ALOT of work and you're not a robot or a maid. You cant get everything done everyday. if he's unhappy about something not being clean, he should do it himself.

    He shouldn't expect you to do everything, he should be grateful that you are already doing so much.

    I hope it gets in his head. =)
  5. Oh, I think the fact that he had to cook his own dinner and then sleep on the couch was enough for him to get it :biggrin:. He usually makes a point to tell me how much he appreciates everything, how nice the kids act, how good dinner is, etc.

    He's been working a ton lately and having to go out of town often, which he hates, so that stresses all of us out. I had just had enough at that point!! I noticed he had printed my email and left it on his nightstand, so hopefully he will keep that in mind. LOL.

    Thanks again for all the support!!
  6. Im so happy that it turned out so great....nice job letting him know of your concerns...

    I go through the exact same thing sometimes, its ever since I quit my job and he became the sole provider....I think that sometimes, under stress, the guys tend to feel entitled to criticize or make less of what stay and home moms do....

    This is why I stopped cooking all together...lol....one day, I got so fed up with all the complaining that I said...fine, if your gonna treat me like some resturant chef, might as well take your orders.....now they appreciate going to gradma's house for home cooked meals....hee hee...
  7. Awww I'm so glad that things turned out better! Man, you must be so tired, I admire you for being able to do everything that you do!
  8. Ahhhh. I love a happy ending!

    Stay on his case though!