I just need some sympathy...

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  1. Vlad, I know this really isn't Dooney related;.....I hope you will let it slide!!

    I am a stay-at-home-mom, of 3- and 5-year-old girls, plus I babysit an 18-month-old girl. I work all day long, teaching the kids, playing with them, cooking and cleaning. Just laundry is enough to keep a person occupied all day!

    But the hubby is always on my case--why isn't this clean? why didn't we have this to eat? Why is the fridge so full? That was the last straw today. The fridge is full because I feed 3 kids all day long!! As if he doesn't know this!

    I'm just looking for a little sympathy. Hope this thread doesn't get pulled!

    I will be posting pics of my new Dooneys soon--I returned my denim sac (too big and awkward!) and bought the same bag in both blue and hot pink! I love it!
  2. Maybe you need to talk to him about how difficult it is to care for 3 little ones all day. And when you are that busy some things will slide. Hope you feel better, look forward to seeing your dooneys!
  3. Maybe you should take a vacay and let him watch 3 kids for a couple of days! That might change his tune!
  4. :flowers:Hopefully he's apologized by now and your outlook has improved. If not, offer to switch jobs with him for a day. He'd definitely be more understanding in the future.
  5. wow, if only he knew what a great job you were doing. it sounds like you're doing an awesome job with the kids and taking care of them. kids at that age are so difficult to take care of, and they are so deveopmentally open to everything too. stay in your best of moods with them and dont' let your hubby get the best of you. take care of the darling children.
    i'm sure he's just relieving some stress unintentionally. talks are always good to settle things. maybe write something to him...writing form always helps me get things out. helps slow your mind and helps you think more clearly. good luck :smile:
    looking forward to your dooneys comin around!
  6. Why doesn't he clean? lol. Is he also the breadwinner of the family? A lot of men think that because of this they are entitled to exemption from household responsibilities. It should be a partnership and IMO taking care for 3 children is important AND could/should be considered a full time job. Or maybe look into hiring some help if it is needed and an equitable division of chores can't be found. Good luck and I hope you get the appreciation you deserve!
  7. good luck!!
  8. Thanks to everybody.......such good advice!!

    I emailed him last night with all my concerns. He's a software engineer, so email is right up his alley, and that way I could get all my concerns down without being all emotional. He worked 90 hours last week, and was pretty stressed, which I knew, but I was stressed too--I got absolutely no break from the house and kids at all.

    And yes, he is the breadwinner--my babysitting job pays for groceries and a few extras. It's been that way since we had our oldest daughter, and I like it that way--I don't mind doing the bulk of the chores. I just wanted a little respect for it.

    He was smart enough to bring me coffee in bed along with a huge apology this morning. And I just saw a charge to our bank account for flowers that should be arriving shortly:yes:.

    He is a fantastic husband and father 95% of the time, he just manages to REALLY screw up 5% of the time! LOL.

    Thanks again for listening!
  9. That is a happy ending! I am so glad he listened to you. Hope you are listening to him as well. 90 hours! I think he was so tired he was really just whining.
  10. i have a few friends who are engineers and they are a like perfectionists..extremely detail orientated & get fustrated if everything is not organized or something like that..i think it has something to do with the way their brain is wired that makes them a engineer in the first place ..they can seem bossy but they are just very intently focused on the details...i'm glad you guys were able to work it out!!
  11. Exactly what I was going to say!
  12. Awww I'm glad he saw things your way. He sounds like a sweet hubby who just needs to be punched in the face or emailed gently once in a while :heart:. And power to you for being a great, dedicated mom!
  13. I'm so glad that you brought this forward to his attention. It seems he realizes he messed up. :yes: Make sure if he does this again to remind him that it's not okay and that you're doing your best to be good to your family, just like he is.
  14. Honey, let me just say that I could never be a mom, and you're taking care of 3?! Go you.
  15. Smart man and well said! Sometimes men just don't GET it kwim? Unless someone opens their eyes for them they're just oblivious sometimes!