I just nabbed my first HH!

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  1. I have been wanting a HH bag for a while now!

    I finally gave in and got the Corcovado in Pewter. The extra 50% off was too much to resist. :yahoo: This will be my first HH.

    Does the HH metallic leather hold up well?

    I have been looking for a great leather tote to haul around all my med school books in.

    I hope the bag isn't too big on me though because I am petite.

    Do you think this bag will work for me? :confused1: I sure hope so since it is final sale and all. :sweatdrop:
  2. Don't know the answer to your questions, but I had to stop by to say Hi to a fellow Trojan! You must be at Keck, how cool =)
  3. Congrats on your first HH! I don't know about lugging books around in it tho...
  4. i am petite, too, and tried the corcovado on in store - the cordovan (which i felt was heavy) and one of the patents (more bearable).

    i tried both with the turnlocks as i think that's how i'd carry it anyway - i just think the shape is cuter that way.

    it was big, but you need big for med books :smile: for me i wanted it for long weekends and carry on luggage.

    i bet it'll work! hooray!
  5. Thanks everyone!

    :Push: OH no! I thought it would be good for that because I read on the forum that the metallic leather was light weight and the bag is pretty large.

    What makes you unsure about putting books in it? Do you have the corco? What do you put in it?
  6. I have the Corcovado in black patent, khaki patent, distressed bronze and I just ordered the pewter this evening. I have not been able to snag a cordovan corc at a reasonable price. I keep missing that one. I don't know why everyone says it is so heavy. I weighed mine and it weights 2 pounds + 4oz, which is not unusual for a bag. I think it is just that every crams it full of books and then hoists it to the shoulder. EVERY bag would heavy after that. I was doubtful of the metallic when I ordered my first HH metallic - the anthracite Sonia tote. I also have the Sloane in pewter. Their metallics are extremely durable. No flaking or peeling.

    I will say that I have noticed that the bronze oxydized a bit and toned down from the original coppery color. So, I think they have enough mica in the metallic finish to do just what metal does, and age beautifully. I will know in about 6 months. I have had the Anthracite bag about 6 months. BTW, I cary a lot of books and cameras in my corcovado.
  7. I think you made a good decision going with the pewter. And yes, it's the lightest of all the corcs. The handles are flat, and super comfortable. The handle drop is extra generous, even for me. I think it would make a great book bag. Why not tote your books in style. It might be a little tough though to grab big books out of the opening with ease without unlocking the turnlocks.

    This is with it turnlocked:
  8. hehe ... i just bought my first HH today too ... same bag! and i was having the same concerns as i'm petite ... though i would be using it to tote around stuff for 3 little girls not books ... :P
  9. Congratulations on your first! There's no turning back now :nuts::yes: I just scored this bag too! A huge lightweight bag sounds perfect to me!
  10. Thanks for reassuring me swolfcg and for the pic! LOL exactly. I am like the only gal in my class that refuses to use one of those horrid backpacks HAHA, totes only please! ;)

    Atelier, I hope it works out well for the both of us! It seems like it is rather large, so I think it will be great to haul all of your daughters things in!

    Thanks Yatri. I have a feeling this isn't going to be my last HH. I really want a bungalow wallet next!
  11. lol ... you and i must have similar tastes :graucho: ... i was thinking the bungalow might be my next purchase ... ;) ... and it's good to know that i'm not the only smaller person wanting to tote around something huge .. (i'm about 5'2", 105) ...

  12. hey socal girl! I remember you from that insane LP sample sale last spring!

    I have the Corc in Pewter, and I think it would be great for lugging texts... You might have to un-engage the turnlocks to get them in the tote, but then you'll be good to go. The Pewter Corc is SO lightweight despite it's size, and the double handles sit well on the shoulder - maybe b/c the Pewter texture is a little rough and therefore "grabs" onto your coat/top.

    Let us know when you receive!
  13. I guess I'm a big chicken as I would be terrified to carry textbooks in a handbag. Some time ago, I remember Ben reminding someone that whatever bag she purchased was really not meant to carry books I think, or it may have been a laptop, not sure but at any rate...it's a beautiful bag, congrats!
  14. Hey girlie!

    LOL yeah that last LP sale was ridiculous! I picked up like 4 pieces. I have been waiting for another great LP sale, but sadly I have been disappointed with the ones they did recently, so no new LP for me.

    This HH sale surely fit the bill and was pretty awesome!

    I am excited to get my new bag. What did you nab from the sale?
  15. Congrats, sugar! I've seen you posting around the forum, and I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of you here now that you've bought your corcovado. You will fall in love, no doubt about it! :biggrin:
    Be sure to tell us how much you :heart: your bag when you get it!