I just made the BEST eggs!

  1. OK, let me be the first to tell you I HATE eggs! But, as part of the "gaining muscle" I need to eat eggs, eggs, and more yucky eggs. So today, I decide to make "YUM-O scrambled egg's" as my SO called it;).
    I cut up some sliced ham(the kind you get for sandwiches), and put some Velveeta sliced cheese in there and some salt and pepper and VIOLA! Goooood scrambled eggs. Maybe not the BEST for you, but they were gooooood! lol
    Just thought Id share. :smile:
  2. I love eggs that way. I had them for dinner last night, it's helped ne to put on some muscle and lost weight. You can mix egss with everything and I would always eat them. They are soooo good, I dont like the yellow stuff tho, I eat whites only. Try them with cheese and mushrooms, with jeni-o sausages, cut veggies (peppers, onions), even black olives and cheese omelets are good. If you are trying to put on some musce do not eat the yellow part (its all fat), all the protein is on the whites and that what you need, whites, cheese and the meat
  3. This sounds good...except for the ham part, but that's just me. I love eggs. I don't care for meat at all so I eat a lot of eggs!
  4. I was eating eggbeaters for awhile and then they started making me sick. But I would use turkey bacon and crumble it up and scramble it in the eggs. Delicious! I'm on a hardboiled egg kick right now though... whites only, the hard yolk center is smelly and it freaks me out.
  5. sorry but that last part cracked me up (no offense meant!). ;)

    I love eggs with the additions mentioned above or just scrambled on their own. That keeps me going all morning and even to a late lunch if I'm busy...keeps my blood sugar steady.
  6. Egg whites are so good for you. I eat lots of them. I add extra whites when I make non-fat tapioca pudding, I hard boil eggs and then put chopped whites in salad, soup, and other dishes.

    I finally learned the best way to cook hard boiled eggs that are super easy to peel and look perfect after removing the shells. I steam them!

    I put water in a saucepan then put in one of those metal steamer baskets that opens up like a flower. Then I add eggs and one of those red plastic half-eggs that tell you when the egg is soft or hard cooked.

    I get the water boiling, then I immediately turn the heat down so the water stays at an active simmer. It takes around 20 minutes to steam 4-5 eggs. Once they are cool, I crack the shells and roll them between my hands. The shells almost fall off.

  7. Soooooo much easier using an egg cooker! Perfect eggs every time! Also, I put that Cilantro Paste (the stuff in the tube in the produce section of your store) in my scrambled eggs....YummmMMmmMmmm!
  8. AHHH... you are the best!!!!!!!!!!! I have been getting those little snack-paks of hardboiled eggs at the grocery store that come with 2 eggs in them. Well, sometimes it's not enough for my crazy appetite. So the other day I only had 2 regular eggs left. I figured it couldn't be too hard to boil them myself. It was my only craving and the one thing I reallllllllly wanted. Well, I "boiled" them... or so I thought. So I was all excited and took my TV tray into my bedroom with the salt and pepper and salsa, went to crack the eggs and BOTH of them had the hardboiled white, but were tainted by runny yolk in the middle!! I was so sad. And DH wasn't home to go get me more eggs and I was already in my PJs. I have since learned, but your way sounds like the easy no fail plan!! Thank youuuuu.:yahoo:
  9. Nope, not just you...I feel the same way. I don't eat any meat or poultry so I live on eggs and seafood. Yum!!!
  10. Mmm I love eggs! Yesterday I was fiendin for poached eggs but I don't have a poacher so I decided to experiment by boiling a bit of water in a pan and cracking eggs into custard cups. It worked perfectly!
  11. Ugh I hate eggs but they're a good source of protein.

    I occasionally force myself to shovel one down.
  12. Mmm, I am a ham-and-cheese-a-holic!

    Try eggs basted--they're really healthy (no extra oils or fats), and taste great with toasted wheat bread which you can dip in the yolk (my fave). Heat up a nonstick pan, crack a couple eggs into it, throw in a little water, and cover right away. About a minute or two later, they'll be done! Add salt and pepper. Yummy!
  13. I put dill weed in my scrambled eggs. If I scramble two eggs, I will use only half of one yolk, throw the other 1 1/2 yolks away. I need a little yellow in my scrambled eggs!
  14. I love ham or sausage and cheese in my scrambled eggs. Another really tasty thing is to put sun dried tomato pesto in the eggs. Really good.
  15. ITA with the dill...yummy!!

    Oh, and runny yolks are quite possibly the most disgusting tihngs ever. Um, well, in my opinion, anyway. :yes::roflmfao: