I just made a purchase! Sorta reveal!!

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  1. :biggrin: I bought a bag today! Though it isn't here yet I do have photos I was going to wait until it arrived but I'm just too excited! The SA Sent me photos of it all
    Packaged up before he sent it off which I thought was very nice but sorta unusual lol
  2. Oooo let's see it!

    I think everyone else has gone to bed, because they are six hours ahead of me, nine of you, I think.
  3. Lol I guess so huh! Here's a hint I purchased mine where you purchased yours :smile:!!! But I do have a question for you how was your service?
  4. My service was great. I called twice. Once in the hopes of getting a pink glossy goat bays below $1850 (no go) and the woman was very nice and not at all snotty when I declined. Called back a day later, spoke to Matt, and asked for a Del Rey in a color. They only had neutrals, but he knew the slate blue was coming in and offered to send pics. Shortly after we hung up he emailed me to thank me for calling and to confirm the bright colored Del Rey plan.

    By the end of that week he sent me the pic of my bag. I called back and the woman who answered took care of it all. Very polite and helpful.

    If I had a complaint, it was that they had my email but didn't send me a tracking number. I had no idea when my bag shipped, first they said Friday, then Tuesday, or when it would arrive. Had I known it was coming today I would have had my mom pop by at lunch to bring it in as we are having an awful winter here and my sidewalk was flooded by melting snow and rain water (temp came up and it poured). Totally the fault of FedEx, but I would have been prepared if I could have tracked it. Instead my bag sat in water and got rained on. Had I gotten home any later the water would have got on the bag as it seeped through the box. Only the Mulberry shopping bag stopped it.

    Did you have a problem?
  5. Although I guess I shouldn't complain about too much water in PA to someone from CA right now with your drought :smile:
  6. I'm here! (Although I definitely should be asleep..)
  7. I should be getting there soon too. 10:31 p.m. Here.
  8. Matt helped me too and he was extremely patient we me! They called me when they got in some new bags. After selling my cookie for this bag my kitty has passed away so I had to pay for her vet bills which were not cheap! then I was having problems with my bank they held my check for a week without reason so they were setting this bag aside for me for a while! But I came in during the opening and they actually
    Remembered me! Lol (I'm not sure if that was a good thing or a bag thing) and took me seriously which was refreshing because I am young and usually don't get treated well in high end stores. BUT two days before my purchase i called because I wanted to know more about the bag you know like the leather type how thick it is how wrinkly it would get and the girl who answered was EXTREMELY RUDE! ( it was not Laura and I didn't get her name shame enough ). But she gave me really short replies I asked her the type of leather and she told me and I asked if it was easily scratched and she just said "leather isn't perfect I can Guarantee it won't scratch". Just stuff like that! I was like "ok yeah thanks" and called back later and talked to Matt and he was a lot of fun we even discussed the cara bags :X
  9. Lol also yes it is super dry here!! In Orange County things are ok though the hills look so dry its very sad. They usually are all green right now but it really looks like a desert! In LA you can really see the drought everyone's grass is dead (even the rich neighborhoods).
  10. It is a shame she wasn't more helpful. I went to the Prada outlet in Italy and they acted like I was going to hurt the bag, which was covered in dust on the bottom. It looked like they cleaned the counter with it.

    You are lucky you can go in person. I would love to go to an outlet, but whether I go to CA or the UK it is a 6 hour flight. Only good part is that with the charge and send I avoided sales tax because there isn't an M in PA.

    Dying to see what you got. They were going to call me if there was a bright Del Rey in that shipment until I took the slate so I am curious what they got in.
  11. I wish I could mail you guys my snow. Before the melt the pile was taller than me and I am 5'4"! Out of places to put it because when I tossed it up the pile, it would roll back down it was so high.
  12. I know he said they just had gotten in a white del Rey for $1800
    I live not far from south coast plaza which is cool because I get to see some really neat places and I get mixed reactions from SAs I get really good service in miu miu not so much in prada and HORRIBLE service in Louis!

    As for my reveal here is my second hint! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393040829.074123.jpg
  13. Is it an Alexa?
  14. :popcorn: let's see....
  15. Wakey wakey !!