I Just LVOE My LV Sales Associate!!!

  1. I have been asking my Sales Associate since last year about getting a certain item that was sold out. I kept asking and asking and she kept saying "there are no more". Well, one day about two weeks ago, I get a call from my SA and she says "you are not going to believe this, but they placed the item you have been asking for back in production for a short time and 25 were sent to the US!!" Without any hesitation and probably before she could finish her sentence, I asked her to send as fast as she could.

    Meet my latest LV accessory!!! I am in LVOE w/him!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
    purse blog 017.jpg
  2. OMG! thats so lucky for you! Aha congrats hes a cutie :smile:
  3. What a cutie!!!!
  4. Adorable! congrats!
  5. Very cute, congrats!
  6. So cute! I just wanna hug him.
  7. omg thats SOOOO cute!! what is he called? what does he doooo! oh man thats so darn cute!!!

    I WANT ONE TOO!!!!!!!! is a pin? charm?

    oh mannnnnnn so cute!!!
  8. Omg how cute! Congrats to you and what a great SA!
  9. Supercute - congrats:smile:
  10. OMG cute!
  11. It's teddy bear pin and the price was $135.
  12. cute!!congrats!
  13. awww that teddy's adorable! congrats! persistence never fails :biggrin:
  14. Cutie! Congrats!
  15. OMG, i seriously want that!!!i had been looking for it forever and almost give up.You give me hope!!