i just love rouge h...

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  1. ......LIPSTICK it is the perfect shade just thought i share this fun picture :lol:
  2. Rouge H anything is beautiful to me!
  3. That is the way to mark your 3,000 post :tup:.
    Yes, sometimes I catch myself thinking which H color complies with the lipstick. One of my favorite is Matte Naturale by Lancome which is the color of ILML's Rouge H latest croc Birkin :heart:
  4. LOL!:lol:

    Did you just received something out of this world in Rouge H, my dear lilach? :graucho::supacool:
  5. H would make a killing if they started selling colour-coordinated lipsticks!
    great pic!
  6. apart from the lipstick (which truly is rouge h by hermès btw)? well not directly i just ordered the hardside trunk and beauty case i ever wanted in rouge h matte croc and boy if you think the wait for a croc b is long try that one :sweatdrop::push:
  7. ^^^Wow! Does that mean it will more than a couple years?:cry::crybaby:
  8. Really? I had no idea they did that!^

    Your future trunk sounds divine!
  9. The orders you made are exciting!! Unfortunately, we have all learned to wait....and wait...
  10. well apparently 12 - 18 month they usually use alligator or nilo croc on the travel pieces but i wanted poro (requested a very small and extremely even pattern)so they have to search the market for skins large enough and still up par to h standards
  11. yes the one and only lipstick h did was rouge h (in a nice golden hull and rouge h organza pochette) and thank you i am really excited as the will also add 2 secure compartments for bags :yahoo:
  12. Wow lilach! Pls post when they arrive; I can't wait to see them - major congratulations on a very exciting SO!
  13. Wow... that trunk sounds delish. Is life ever complete unless we are waiting for an item from H to arrive???
  14. Where does one use a trunk anymore? It sounds divine!
  15. OH, Lilach!!! Someday, I would pay just to visit Hermes with you, and witness the experience of being "One of those clients you just do not refuse." You have have such impeccable taste! Could you post a pic of the rouge h lipstick?