I just love my RV "city" so should I sell my INK "work" and get a "city" instead?

  1. Yesterday I was out all day shopping with my little one in his stroller and parading my beautiful RV city. I just :love: her. The shoulderstrap is perfect for me, such a lightweight easy to carry bag. I'm totally in love.
    Now maybe I'm a bit emotional but I was wondering if I shouldn't sell my INK work and get an ink city instead. I can't exchange since I already conditioned and sprayed it with appleguard and I would have to hurry since they have only one INK city left here.

    I don't know I love my Ink the color is wonderful the leather is fine, but in comparison to the city the work is just not as comfortable to carry with a little one.

  2. my 2 cents:
    if you're not LOVING your INK work b-bag then totally get another b-bag... if you can totally get an INK city then GO FOR IT... you should always love the bags your carry and not have doubts... good luck on what you decide to do! :smile:
  3. If you really want a City in Ink gor for it (and sell your Ink Work) ...

    But I think it's good to have a work when you need to carry a lot...(and especially when you have a baby...)...So maybe you'll need another work (in another colour)...

    So to me it's maybe more a question of color than size....
  4. I would because for that kind of money I would want a pefect fit for me. If you think you will use the ink less because of the size then I would get the city. It would be a waste of a beautiful bag if it just sits in a closet somewhere and not shown off.
  5. I really love the city. Stuff it as I may on occasion, I really do not need a bigger bag. The work just seems too big to me, and I hate being limited to handles, I use the strap too much.
    So if there is an ink city available, definitely go for it!!!
  6. Get the Ink City if you can! :yes: No question!
  7. Darn CatCat - I wish you weren't in France - I have an ink City and wish I had gotten the Work. We could of worked out a trade!!!! I never use mine because of the size (I like bigger bags) so I think you will not use the bag as much if you are not loving it. You need to go get the City and sell your Work.
  8. I think city might be better ..go for INK city ~
  9. That truly is a shame!!!

    I just called the shop here to see if there was no way of exchanging my work. (treatment only made it nicer and I only tried it on once or twice so it's new).
    But the SA was really bad, no sorry cannot exchange, 2 weeks is too long of a period, if you would have come back two days later...etc. Vuitton allows you a month!:rant:
    I told her that this is not very customerfriendly since by law she's bound to even refund within 7 days. And we were just talking about exchanging.
    And I bought the bag mostly because of the insistance of her boss who had the city reserved for me in the sistershop. I made a big mistake there!

    Grrrhhh:cursing: I'm so upset I really wanted to get the INK city (last one in our area )
    But she was so unfriendly that i never wanne go back into that shop again, plus I paid over retail. Since it's kind of a small retailer which also carrys Prada, tod's etc....

    I'm sooooooo mad! :mad: