I just love all the frenzy on the wine and black/basketweave bag!

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  1. its so funny to me that everyone has been buying this bag! How many of us are bag twins, triplets, quadruplets? :graucho:

    I'll start...

    I have the tangerine MAB
    Wine Matinee on the way
    Wine Nikki on the way
    Emerald MAB on the way (hoping it doesn't get cancelled)
    Night Gold Crackle MAB on the way
    Black with Red Matinee (haha no one else has this one!):nuts:
  2. desi to be completely honest i feel a bit burnt out from the frenzy. i tried to secure a black mam all morning but to no avail. sigh. i am putting my signature back up again.
  3. My purchases have been kind of varied so far, and so far - no duplicate colors. I'm sure this will change, since there's so many beautiful RM styles and color combos - they're bound to overlap sooner or later!

    So far I've bought:
    Nikki(Saddle), although I just sold it
    MAB(Dark Gray)
    No Strings Clutch(Nickel/Sand)
    Matinee(Wine), on pre-order

    But I love the colors I have, and wouldn't mind some crossover styles/colors(Dark Gray Matinee, Wine Nikki)!
  4. ooh! I want in on this thread! :supacool:

    In order of purchase:
    Matinee blue with grey suede flaps not straps! lol
    Matinee in wine
    MAM in wine
    MAM in saddle (sent back to LB)
    MAM in stone (sent back to LB)
    Nikki in Wine
    MAM in tangerine

    :yahoo: :cutesy::blush::party:
  5. please post pics of your wine nikki when you get it doll.

  6. of course! :blush: I have no shame showing off my bags!:lol:
  7. Here is what I ordered in chrono order

    Wine Nikki
    MAM in yellow -returned
    Blue Nikki
    Old evergreen MAB with leopard lining!!! Can't wait to get this one!!
    Contemplating a MAM in black with crackle bottom and MAM in tangerine

    Can you believe I still don't have one in my possession!!!!!!!!
  8. Wine Nikki
    MAB Black w/Basketweave (hopefully!! :sweatdrop:)
  9. I jumped in the Wine frenzy... have a Nikki on the way (we need a countdown somewhere - 7ish weeks!). I also bought a Midnight/Pewter MAB in early February.

    I would love to get in on the basketweave frenzy (and almost did this morning), but alas, I really need to put some $$ aside for laser eye surgery. I know, priorities, craziness.
  10. I only have one RM so far... but, it's a beauty and a classic.


    Now, question... should I get a Matinee? What color??
  11. ShoeGAL- i totally am on the same boat! Bought six and only have 2 in possession..

    SAD...the green old skool one you bought is an Emerald. Evergreen is the one that RM had for fall 07, and as the color is pretty, i don't like the studded hardware on it at all....

    I'm still hoping the emerald i ordered doesn't get cancelled. I've been wanting this for a while..
  12. Whoaaa. You have four bags on the way? Are you keeping them all? You must have gotten some sweet deals! I really want the Wine Matinee, but I would rather have the Nikki in Yellow or Ocean.. beautiful colors. :smile:

    We will be Night/Gold Crackle twinssss.
  13. #13 Mar 29, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2009
    Well the nikki and matinee in wine i paid FULL price for and $20 extra shipping on each one. Bummer but i couldn't resist.
  14. MAM Navy
    MAM Wine
    MAM Emerald
    MAM Dark Gray
    MAM Purple
    MAM Black Basketweave
    MAM Royal w/ Brown Basketweave
    MAB Chocolate
    Matinee Wine
  15. Awesome! I can't wait to see pictures of your rapidly growing collection. I am going to have to restrain myself until the sample sale... somehow!