I just lost at the casino

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  1. We went after work today. It's been a crazy week with a lot of drama and we did need to blow off some steam. I was winning and instead of leaving while I was ahead...now I'm flat broke but I feel good anyway! I had a ball!
  2. Ah, well. These things happen. At least you had fun, better luck next time!
  3. That's why the casinos are rich and most gamblers aren't.

    glad you had fun.
  4. I am proud to report that I am in the black numbers when it comes to my all-time gambling earnings. I only gambled twice, once at the Atlantis in the Bahamas a few years ago, walked with ~$250+, then lost $100 in San Juan two years later.

    Yeah, I'm a badass gambler.
  5. When I gamble I only play Roulette...Best chances of winning!

    My dad won approx $7000 in one night while playing Roulette in Vegas :smile: Sadly, I haven't won that much, only around 300 EUR or so!
  6. Uhm lamiastella, the roulette actually has a bigger house edge then Black Jack and Craps, if you bet on the pass line ;)

    I'm glad you had fun tonight toni!
  7. I just love the Casino,at least you had fun ^-^
  8. I'm glad you had a good time nevertheless! I personally don't like casinos (I'm too much of a cheapo lol) but I keep my mum company when she goes which is VERY often. She's a great gambler, we always come home with some extra cash!
  9. A real high roller, huh? Sounds like dh and me--I actually left the Atlantis casino with $40 more than I went in with (I started with $50). I'm a big spender, too lol.
  10. LOL Casinos are so addicting!

    My SO and I are thinking of going, but leaving all credit/debit cards at home and just bringing a couple hundred bucks! :smile:
  11. Thanks everyone, I did have a ball and I might start going just for drinks...Between us, we had strawberry dacquaries (sp) white wine and beer for $1 each.

    I figure if I go for drinks often enough, I'll recoup the money that I lost last night! :yahoo: