I just lost an auction on a Hermes Herbag.

  1. I just lost an auction on a Hermes herbag.:crybaby:
    And now i am desperately looking for a nice one, not to small.:drool:
    Do U people know where i can look the best for one, on the internet.
    Outside E-bay are there special resale shops for Hermes. So sorry but could not
    find it here in the threads.:confused1:
    The best is inside Europe(because of the border tax),:cursing: but i do buy outside Europe also.
    Thank U all FX van Leeuwen Holland:heart:
  2. Thank U Hello,
    Did order from them and how did it work out.
    I was looking at this site and love the beige bag but,
    i think its a bit to big for an all day bag. Are there more from this kind of
    good resalestores that U know.
    Thanx for Your Quik reply.

    Hugs FX:heart:
  3. I have only ordered a scarf from them and was very happy. Many members here have bought bags from them and were very happy. They have a blue (I think) Herbag on their site, and they always get new stuff. You could also write to them and ask them to find a HerBag for you.
    Another site would be www.opportunities.fr, I don't know if they have any HerBags right now.
    HerBags are regularly coming up on eBay, it's only a matter of time until you get yours.
  4. I am going to look right now, i did look on e-bay. But i am a Balenciaga boy and dont know much about Hermes so i came here for help.
    Thanx and i hope i wil get one in the near future.

    Hugs FX:heart:
  5. i just saw a herbag in a resale shop in ny but i don't think they ship out of the us. it was black and blue and 1200 us dollars plus tax....
  6. I'm sure another one will pop up soon :smile:.
  7. There is one on eBay right now. Navy blue Her Bag.
  8. Hey Frank, great to see you in here! I'm not 100% sure, but I saw a similar bag in Hermes in Amsterdam on Wednesday. I may have been hallucinating because they'd made me a rediculously strong cup of coffee. Otherwise, Luxury Shops (as mentioned by Hello) are great.

    Good luck!
  9. Check out let-trade.com, they have a nice one for $919 that's black and white toile and in GREAT shape.
  10. which size are you looking for the MM or the PM? I just purchased one of the Hermes Herbags PM for my daughter today...and I know that at least a couple remain in the MM and several in the PM at several of the Hermes US stores...
  11. Hi cal U where complete right i just did call Hermes Amsterdam and they had a new one.
    But the price 2200 euro, thats a bit over the top for a canvas bag, so i go on further looking for a used one. And i did get a lot of nice adresses over here. BTW did U find your black bag????????????????????
    Hugs FX:heart:
  12. Hi Lisa i dont know what U mean with MM or PM i was looking for a Kelly Herbag of 40 cm/ 15 inches. And i found a new one in Amsterdam but the asked 2200 euro for it thats around 3100 USD. Thats to much for me so i wil go on looking for a used one.
    Or U must know a shop with a better price.
    Thanx and Hugs FX:heart:Holland
  13. To all the othere people who responded.


    Hugs Fx:heart: