I just joined Nutrisystem!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

  1. I decided a while ago that I wanted to try Nutrisystem but never got around to actually ordering it until today!!!! :yahoo: I'm so happy!

    If there are any girls here that are on the program and would like to share their experiences with me please do! Even if it's not Nutrisystem.

    Okay, I'm gonna go do the happy dance now! :wlae:
  2. Great!! I've been wanting to try it for awhile since "Any diet that lets me eat chocolate is a diet for me"..lol..

    tell us how it goes!!!
  3. Sure will! My sister says it tastes just like Lean Cusins but everything is fresher and a little bit more size portioned and everything is vacumed packed. Some of the deserts will need microwaving but like you, as long as I can have chocolate I'm in there!
  4. my hubby and i did this a few months ago. he did better than i did. I lost like a pound...but i work in a 5 star restaurant and CHEATED so much. Most the food isnt as good as a lean cuisine, its all freeze dried. I loved the pancakes, hated the eggs (especially the smoked ones). We both loved the tacos. we made them as a taco salad with salsa....YUMMY! I heard there is a bunch of new food. It can be successful, if you stick to it!
  5. Congrats! I tried Nutrisystem last year...didn't work as well for me as it did for my male friend (he lost 10 pounds)...me, none. I did enjoy most of the pasta dishes...but as someone already mentioned above...I thought the eggs were horrible as well.

    Best of luck and do combine it with lots of healthy snacks and exercise! ;)
  6. Good luck! Since you asked about other plans, I'll just mention that I have been on Richard Simmon's FoodMover plan since November 2005 and have lost 171 pounds (as you can see from my ticker).
  7. my friend was on this and she hated the food. i'm doing jenny craig right now.. the food's not that great but i did lose 6+ pounds and it's been almost a month.
  8. I saw this on QVC the other day and was intrigued to buy it....but then I started looking at the food and had to decide whether I would really eat it. I'm a picky eater, but I have absolutely no time so that would definitely help with my busy schedule.
  9. Oooh yes, please keep us updated! I love hearing the experiences from these progrmas.

    I need to join something, I could stand to shed about 10-15 lbs. . . but I am afraid of not liking the food like Erika. . .

    There's a lot of healthy chef services around here when you pick a bunch of food, they prepare it and fill your freezer and I've heard it's not too $$, I may try that.

  10. I've been looking for one of those in my area, but I've yet to find one. I heard about the South Beach Diet delivering, but that's like...1000 dollars a month on food. I'm not ready to spend anywhere near that on food.
  11. Let us know how it goes! It is all about the right foods, eating close together, portion control, and exercise!!! But Baggs, you are already sexy!! ;)
  12. OMG!!! :yahoo: I am so proud of you! Way to go! You deserve a shopping spree!!!!!Good luck and CONGRATS!!!!!!
  13. YES!!!! Zone Chefs!!! They are located on Madison Ave here in NY and they deliver your food fresh and cooked daily. If Nutrisystem is not for me then I will have to change to this.

    For more info, Zonechefs.com
  14. I just want to lose 10 lbs! Got a sexy Bikini and a trainer that's keeping me focused!!! Actually I heard of Zone Chefs from her.
  15. I tried NutriSystem last year and lost some weight on it....and gained it all back :sad:

    The food is ok. some is better than others and it really comes down to personal preference. You'll just have to try different things to see what you like and don't like. The big benefit for me wasn't so much the quality of the food but rather the portion control.

    Did you order the favorite foods package? I really liked the chicken cacciatore. The muffins were horrible but I heard they changed the recipe so the new muffins might be better. I still have about 1 months worth of food in the back of my pantry...I shoud probably dig it out and start again!

    Another tip is to check out the bulletin boards on the nutrisystem website because people post a lot of good tips/tricks there and give opinions on the different food choices.

    Good luck!