I just impulse bought SKI BOOTS!

  1. I'm not sure how many of TPFers are skiers, but I needed to share this with people who I knew could understand impulse buys. :p

    I am getting my boyfriend skis & poles as Valentine's Day/Birthday present (his mom is getting him ski boots!), and I went to the shop today to pay for them... While I was there, I saw a beautiful pair of ski boots that had already been discounted from the retail price, and I decided to just try them on for fun, since I spent the last 3 weekends shopping around for skis and boots for my boyfriend. Well, on the most RANDOM urge ever, I bought them! Since I was buying so much stuff, the guy gave me even more off and I think I ended up getting them for around 40% off retail!

    Now, here's the really bad part... I'VE NEVER GONE SKIING IN MY LIFE. :push: However, I've really been wanting to get into it, so now I guess I have to since I have the boots! It's gonna be so nice to have a hobby that my boyfriend and I both share, since he's very athletic and into guy stuff, and I'm obviously a purse-loving shopaholic. But then again, this is just me trying to justify my ridiculous purchase. :shame:
  2. Maybe this will also justify your purchase...my fiance bought me snowboarding boots, and I've never ever gone snowboarding before. I'm really into rollerblading and skateboarding, so I knew I would eventually make my way up to the mountains. But he and the sales person at the sporting goods store both told me its better to buy my own boots and rent the snowboard. So I can get comfy and used to my own boots.
  3. I think it is best to rent several different boots then buy. A bad set of boots can kill a ski trip. Overall, you need good boots, skis, and poles. :yes:

    Have fun skiing this year!! You will work it out and yes.. I AM insanely jealous as I won't get a ski trip this year.
  4. I'm lucky to live right by a fantastic ski resort (though more snow would have been nice this year, but c'est la vie!). This is a great time of year to get screaming deals on ski equipment! I just got my DH a pair of $500 telemark skis for $150!

    But if you have to travel to ski, I would just rent equipment there (that way you don't have to lug your stuff through the airports). The stores that rent usually have the top of the line equipment for their rental fleet, and upgrade every year (DH's skis were rental skis). They want you to use the good stuff so you will have fun, and when you DO buy your own equipment (hopefully from them!) you will want the nice stuff, too.

    When you do start skiing, take a beginners lesson at the mountain (don't have youir BF teach you - unless he is a ski instructor) The lessons are cheap for what they teach you, and since the instructors have tons of experience w/beginners, they know everything beginners do wrong and how to fix it. Well worth your money, and you will have way more fun learning the right way to begin with.

    Have fun!

    P.S What kind of boots did you get?
  5. LOL, you're so cute. But I think you'll like skiing and its great sharing a hobby/sport with your b/f. I love it myself and I've only been once. I so want to go again but it'll have to wait till I move out of Asia or get to take a long vacation.
    Hope you guys enjoy yourselves and you enjoy the boots as much as you enjoy skiing!
  6. I've never gone skiing in my life either (but I've always wanted to because it looks soo fun! :nuts: My dream is to go skiing on the Swiss Alps someday..)
    I love Dior's ski gear; if I saw some at a store I would definately be impulse buying too :p lol. I really like their ski goggles + helmet.
  7. Sports stuff is one of the few things I impulse buy -- my BF is really into tennis...poof I now have TWO tennis raquets, Prada tennis outfits and a really cute tennis bag from J. Lindenberg.

    When we first met, my BF was a roller blader -- POOF -- in a weird twist of fate, so was I! Of course after I told him that HUGE lie (my idea of exercise is going to the Barneys Warehouse Sale and running after deals), I went out about bought $300 rollerblades so I could learn. What I learned was that you can get blisters on top of blisters!

    But I am jealous that you are going skiing -- we now live in SF and have yet made it up to Tahoe this year. Hmm....I would look totally adorable in Chanel ski boots......
  8. :yes: once i took a pair of boots back to the rental place after one run, they were that bad. and you can never really tell in the store either :push: well you can tell if they're so bad you can't even wear them there but they might feel fine in the store and then murder your feet when you ski.
  9. If it makes you feel any better, I was about 20 bucks short of an impluse buy of ice skates....and I live in Florida!

    It was such a good deal though, and really...who doesn't need ice skates...just in case.
  10. Charles - Of course, I mean, ice skates are definitely a necessity! :yes:

    I am actually going skiing this weekend with my sister (also a skiing newbie), and taking lessons! That way, I won't look like a complete moron when I go with my boyfriend. I've been walking around the house in my boots like a fool to make myself feel better... ;)
  11. I am an avid skier and getting 40% off of a good pair of boots is a home run. However, it is extremely important that they fit you right. The perfect pair of boots is key when skiing. Did a knowledgeable SA assist you when you were trying them on to make sure the fit was right? There are different kind of boots too. There are boots for beginners, racing boots, etc. Since I have a small foot I actually did not buy a woman's boot. I found a junior boot that was a better fit. I also had custom inserts made for my arch. Skiing is a lot of fun. DH and I just got back from a skiing trip at Heavenly Valley in Lake Tahoe. I recommend you take a few lessons to get you started. Have a blast.
  12. I need a new pair of snowboard boots. When I ordered my board package, I got size 8 boots but I got 7.5s. That was good a year ago, but it takes me 10 minutes just to get them one because I have to cram my feet in them.