I just Hit On the BIN button for this gorgeous Birkin Cognac GH

  1. Wow...that's wonderful!!:love:
  2. Congratulations, that is a gorgeous bag.
  3. That is a beautiful bag. Is the Seller going to ship it to Singapore? Make sure that you have it fully insured.
  4. CONGRATS, you will love it!:love:
  5. Enjoy your new bag....
  6. FABULOUS! I love the gold on gold look.
  7. Very pretty.

  8. Love cognac. Enjoy!
  9. So pretty! I came back to see if you purchased it. Congrats, a great color and bag.
  10. Just beautiful!!!
  11. How pretty!
  12. Cognac w/ Gold is so fab! Congratulations!
  13. hi duchessofs, the seller will ship to singapore for an additional 50 bucks. cant wait to receive this gorgeous bag........:lol:
  14. Congrats. I love this colour with gh. I hope she gets to Singapore real soon.