I just heard a horrible rumor about the Howell outlet

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  1. A co-worker just told me that they heard that outlet is closing at the end of the month! :wtf: Noooo! Say it ain't so!

    I guess his wife's friend works for another store in that Tanger outlet. The mall raised the rent and several stores are leaving, including Coach. This is an unconfirmed rumor and I really hope they are wrong. That would really really suck!
  2. Wow, this would suck immensely, being that this is really the only outlet that we can go to. The others are such a long drive.

    If they close, I will be crushed.
  3. ^^I know! I am more concerned about this than I should be. It's like my dealer is leaving town or something.
  4. Oh no! That would be horrible! I can't imagine them leaving. I've only been to the outlet a few times but it is always busy when I go there. I think the Coach outlet is one of the things that draws people to that outlet center. None of the other stores are that exciting IMO.
  5. I was just there this afternoon and they did not indicate they were closing. They said they got over 100 boxes of stuff in and would not be getting those put out until next week and the SA that was ringing out my purchase said there would be a new floor set at the end of the month that may have some leather bags in it.

    Let's hope they don't close and that the OP co-worker's wife's friend is mistaken as that is going to suck for us gals that go to Howell frequently.
  6. ^^I really hope my co-workers friend is wrong as well.

    Did they have anything good out today?
  7. keep us posted...
  8. I asked a Howell SA and she said that the rumor is false. Phew!
  9. Good to know that the rumor is false.

    &&& we can keep getting our fixes. :smile:
  10. Did you hear that? I just breathed a big ole sigh of relief. I'm so hoping to start getting to the outlet more frequently.
  11. how would such a rumor get started, why would people say such things! Glad it's not so.
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    Last edited: Feb 5, 2010

    Nada I was truly disappointed. I did pick up a Poppy Op Art Glam Tote in Cobalt for myself. There was a lady walking around with a bone colored Tribeca I would of loved to get my hands on. No FP deletes that really jumped out at me. Did see 1 jade Hailey and 3 Audrey's. They still have lot's of poppy totes though.

    I did go late in the afternoon which is something I rarely every do. I like to get there in the morning after they open. I just can't stand how packed it gets.

    Glad to hear it is just a rumor though. Thank you for checking Sandc!

    ETA: They are also handing out 20% coupons at the door. I *think* she said they were doing this until Sunday. May want to call and check though as my son was blabbering while the SA was telling me about the coupon.