I just have to VENT!!!

  1. I am sooooo sick of eBay .. I had two listings (xxxxx) .. some of you guys were actually bidding on the .. .. that eBay pulled for trademark violation. I just don't get it! One was older and I didn't have the receipt any more so I guess I can understand that .. but the other .. came with the original receipt (dated two months ago) and box and was nearly brand new .. I don't understand .. what else does eBay need to prove authenticity! My feedback is 100% and I have only sold authentic highend designer items! I just had to vent .. I am truly just so frustrated with eBay right now!

    please don't post your eBay ID here, no one is permitted to do that.:nogood:
  2. that sucks, so sorry for you. I've been flirting with the idea of selling on ebay for years now, but everywhere I look I see horror stories about this kind of thing or PayPal, etc etc, and really got turned off. I have items (including bags, shoes, BNWT clothes) that I want to sell, but at a consignment shop (only other option I can think of) they sell for too low (at least in my area) and take too big a cut. In the last day or so, I started looking around tPF more and see they have a Marketplace, which seems like the ideal solution (as far as I can tell, b/c it's private), if you can charge a fair price, not deal with fees, and tPF vets members (can't buy or sell w/o 500+ posts and applying for access) so presumably not any probs w/ non-paying bidders, frozen accounts, pulled listings.... So now even though I'm a long way from that many posts, I decided to wait until I can apply to do that, since I've already held on to the items for years anyway.
    Sorry, off topic I know, but it seems like a good thing to consider for the future. Good luck!
  3. Darn! I hadn't bid yet, but I was watching and was so confused to see it suddenly just missing today! Maybe try again?
  4. yeah .. i agree that the TPF market place sounds like a great place .. but like you .. I am way off from the 500 mark ..
  5. i will try listing it again .. but it's frustrating for me and any bidders when it just disappears like that .. any suggestions on what I can do .. I mean I am including a copy of my original receipt and everything?
  6. check the ebay forum, bagwhore, there are lots of stories like this and the gang over there seems to have tips for this type of problem.

    Good luck!!!
  7. thanks guys .. i feel a bit better and may just tackle relisting this evening ..
  8. just to clarify, I meant the ebay forum on the PF, not on ebay....
  9. This is very upsetting. I have seen your auctions for years and always considered you a top notch seller. I do not know why they would pull your auctions. PLUS there are so many crappy fake Hermes items they do not pull off eBay.
    Thanks for telling us about this.
    You have my best wishes.
  10. Contact them before you relist. You could get suspended for relisting same item that was pulled for trademark violation. Someone on ebay must have done that to you, because I think Hermes Vero rep is MIA always.
  11. Keep the faith, bagwhore1! Even though you are frustrated - and they done you wrong, that's for sure - there are so many items on eBay at any one time that it's got to be an enormous job to try to police them all. You probably just got the Assistant Trainee Auction Puller, Specializing in Small Leather Goods, Cookbooks and Miscellaneous Tractor Transmission Parts. Read the tpf ebay stuff, try relisting and hope for the best!
  12. ebay stinks for everyone except ebay executives and sharholders -- the buyers and sellers both end up raked over the coals.

    anyway, they word is that they like to see the words "guaranteed authentic" -- so i always pay for the listing subtitle and put words to that effect in it.
  13. thanks for the tips and i will go and check out the forums on TPF
  14. They've done this to me too. I sold a lot of Chanel items and I had one removed before for "authenticity" even though I have the receipt and have sold like 80 other authentic items. Then last week they canceled an item because I was charging $50 shipping for a piece of luggage and they said I was overcharging on shipping to avoid ebay fee's. How do they expect me to ship a piece of luggage for less than $50. The thing that bugs me is there were 12 people watching the auction and now they probably all think their is something wrong with my bag. The problem is if you dont use ebay, where do you go. I always sell bags I no longer use when I buy new things.
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: