i just have to sing praises about my silver spy!!

  1. i am just sitting here looking at my silver spy. it looks like satin leather! :girlsigh: and sometimes, under a certain light, it can also look like a very large pearl! :p but made of deliciously distressed soft and chewy leather...!!

    oooh i just LOOOOOVE IT! :tender:

    for those who are looking for one, there is one at www.diabro.net that is cheaper (under $2000), and more expensive ones (above $2000) at www.styledrops.com and www.raffaelo-network.com

    i think all three merchants have very good reputations and i know that diabro and styledrops have good customer service and very responsive to inquiries.
  2. Glad to see you LOVE it! The silver is definitely TDF:tup:

    I sit and admire mine from time to time and smile. lol
  3. I have been thinking about getting that lovely bag, too! But isn't the one on Diabro a Gold? There is a silver on sale at Anns Fabulous Finds, and the pic next to it is a Gold one that is already sold. Comparing them to each other the Silver seems very different than the Gold. I like Silver so much! But isn't Diabro Gold? Or am I half blind? (I very well could be!)
  4. bagpunk, post pics please! :nuts:
  5. diabro has them both i believe. i think they only have one silver left when i emailed them. go go quick as them if it is still there! :p

  6. i just saw the title of this thread. i did not mean to sound boastful! :p what i meant to say was that i am so happy with how the silver came that i wanted to shared it with everyone here :p
  7. pics. ok. i will try to catch it in the exact light that i saw it when it looked satin-like and pearl-like :tup: at times, under certain lights it can look like a blob of liquid metal... not always attractive! ;) but unique still :p and i caught some people staring at it. maybe because it looked nice. maybe because it looked like an alien! as my husband said, it reminded him of "the witches of eastwick".... :wtf: of all things.... but i can't help just looooooving it. it is so unique! i am so glad that fendi decided to do the silver with gold wash and not the solid silver or solid gold that we normally see.
  8. I'm so glad you love it (ignore the men)! I love the silver too. I've never had a bag that type of eye catching color so I'm always hesitant about whether I should get it or not. Oh well..I can still look at everyone else's and drool! Love to see pics whenever you can post em:smile:
  9. I have shared this story before but the day my Metallic Spy arrived I opened the box and tears came to my eyes. It was BEAUTIFUL. Smelled like a new car!! AND it was just breathe taking! I carried it once and sold it! LOL ...the story of a purse addict. It is one gorgeous bag. ENJOY!
  10. ^^ I had the same reaction when I got my first spy..the leather..the color..everything made all my senses tingling with happiness and I was incredibly happy for the longest time, longer than the happiness I've gotten with any other bag. Even now when she sits a certain way or at some random moment I sigh...such a beauty.:heart:
  11. that is it! that is it! that is the smell! hmmmm.... leatherrrrr..... (i can smell it entering my living room!!)
  12. i think the "bubbly" pebbled and distressed leather combined with the dual tones and gold shadings on silver leather really made the bag!! it would not be the same without these two elements for sure! :tup:

  13. thanks sunshine! why did you sell it after only one carrying and after such love if i may be so nosey to ask? :smile: