I just HAVE to share my new bag!!!!

  1. Okay I am always on the hunt for "the bag" and that just doesn't exist.. anyway, I have been striving to have one coach bag that I really love and that suits my lifestyle.. I have gone through many bags these last few months only to return or sell them... :sad: Anyway, I just ordered the ergo and although I loved the bag, it just wasn't doing it for me.. soo.... I decided between 2 bags, headed out with pce card and drove the 2 hours to the closest boutique.. and... drumroll please.... ended up buying the chelsea large hobo in black!!! :yahoo: I absolutely adore her! I am a sahm so she is just perfect for me.. she is a looker but not too fancy, not too blah, perfect size, slouches but keeps her form, is light, is a shoulder bag, but still sits up on her own... did I mention how much I LOVE her?!?!? :wlae: Then I headed to the outlet and got a black leather wallet and the matching wristlet.. this is MY bag.. I love her and am sooo happy, just had to share.. thanks for looking!!!! :tup:
  2. Congrats on your new purchases !!! BTW, the bag looks good on you !
  3. Very nice. I love that blk/wht color combo. I like the closure on top. It looks very easy to get in and out of. Enjoy!
  4. Thanks!!!! It is, I love it!!! :yes:
  5. Congratulations...I was never that into that bag until I saw your picture. Now I really like it!!
  6. Great combination of fashion and function! Your bag looks great on you! I love this line
  7. that is really cute!!!
  8. It's super cute!! I'm glad that you found a bag that you love!! Congrats!!!
  9. Your new purchases are adorable and I love the length on you.
  10. I love her!!! Looks great!!! Enjoy!
  11. Great choice! I love the chelseas in that color combo!
  12. Really beautiful choice! So glad you've finally found the bag you were looking for!
  13. WTG, on your new found love....
    I know how you feel I just got an ergo bag I love her however she is not perfect she a bit big and I am now on the hunt for my perfect sized bag.

    But I been getting tons of accessories to go with my new bag... I had so much fun... Glad to hear you are too!
  14. Thanks guys! It's sooo nice to love the bag and not be freaking out about it or wondering if I made the right choice.. there will always be more beautiful bags out there, but it is nice because I am going to love it and not always be looking for more!
  15. SO cute congrats! It looks great on you! And I love the two accessories!