i just have to say about the houston store

  1. they are SO NICE! omg i can't even believe it. i'm sending back my speedy and there was a slight mixup and i just spoke to kevin. what a doll! he's sending someone to pick up my bag then then they're going to issue me a store credit until the bag comes in. he's also sending me a catalogue for fun. i just can't get over how nice they are! i wish it was my store. lol.

    this is not the neiman's lv is it?
  2. good to hear!
  3. Kevin the stock person of that LV.

    So glad to hear you got great service! :biggrin:
  4. It's good to hear nice things about good SA's at LV.
  5. he's a really sweet guy. seriously. so was mike, though i didn't speak to him today.
  6. Yeah, they are SUPER sweet there. I had to order some stuff my local stores didn't have and 1866 has connected me to them and they go above and beyond service. The one I dealt with was the Galleria, not the Neiman one. Yay for Texas! hehe.
  7. YAY for us!
    I really have never met a snooty SA at the Houston LV
    and yes, it is the STORE, not snooty Neiman Marcus!
  8. they seriously do! i was so shocked! it was something my local store didnt have and 866 found for me there too! what fabulous people.

  9. I'm glad you had an excellent experience. It is always nice to deal with fantastic people.
  10. glad you had a fab time!! happy SA's make happy peoples!! :p
  11. Nice to find someone pleasant at LV.
  12. Yay! Great service from LV, you should definitely write in to the LV Head Office to compliment them!
  13. There are two I can name... :p

  14. Really? Who are they? Because if I ever go back.. I wanna know!!! :yes:
  15. Do tell John......:yes:
    Now I'm curious........