I just hate having a supermodel sister

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  1. I thought this was an interesting article.


    Ursula with her husband and baby at Mila's own wedding
    Bride Ursula is overshadowed by her supermodel sister-in-law Mila

    by URSULA HIRSCHKORN - 21st March 2007

    On my wedding day, I look as beautiful as I’ve ever done.
    My dress is stunning, I’ve lost that final half-stone, my hair is perfect and my make-up flawless.
    I stand, smiling, next to my brand new husband. What could possibly spoil this picture?
    Well, how about the six-foot Russian supermodel standing behind me.
    I knew as soon as I met my husband-to-be that his brother, a film producer, led an altogether more high-octane life than us.

    On our first meeting he was suffering from jet-lag having just hopped off a flight from LA, where he’d been producing a music video.
    But what I didn’t realise was just what an impact his brother’s glamorous lifestyle would have on my mundane existence.
    At first it was fun to hear about his exploits with models and movie stars.
    But then he got serious about one of the models: Mila.
    Mila is a truly beautiful woman.
    She has been a model ever since she was swept off the streets of Moscow as a teenager. She has sashayed down the catwalks of Paris and pouted from the pages of Elle and Cosmo.
    She is tall, slim, graceful and amazingly good-looking. In a nutshell, everything that I’m not.
    At 5ft-nothing and far too many stones to mention, I have to admit that this Muscovite vision, with her beautiful clothes, perfect body and adorably husky accent, was not the girl I would have chosen as the perfect sister-in-law.
    In fact, it’s a testament to my love for my husband that I didn’t run off screaming the moment she arrived on the scene.

    The first inkling I got of what my life would be like playing the ugly sister to her Cinderella was at a family party in 2000.
    The requisite randy uncle was present, and despite the fact that he’d met me a million times before, on sight of Mila he lost all recollection of my name and all control over his tongue.
    Really, it’s quite embarrassing the effect she has on men.
    Walk down the street with her and it’s as if you are invisible.
    Men stop, stare and drool in her wake. One toss of her perfectly-styled, long dark hair and they will literally push you aside to get closer to her.
    And don’t bother trying to actually speak to any men in her orbit.
    Their intellectual powers will have long since left the building, if you catch my drift.
    With all this in mind, it was probably foolish to agree to a family sunshine holiday with her in tow. The sight of Mila in a bikini draped beside the pool was almost enough to cause a riot. And don’t even talk about the holiday snaps.
    After the first set of photos came back picturing me (hot, sweaty and far from sexy) next to Miss Perfect in a Prada thong, I soon learnt to move swiftly out of shot as soon as the cameras came out.
    It’s not that I’m lacking in self-confidence, but would you want your photo taken next to a supermodel as you let it all hang out by the pool?
    Having a model around on your holiday isn’t just a liability when it comes to the snapshots, either.

    As I lie sweaty and sunburnt on my lounger waving wildly to attract the barman’s attention, she simply raises a perfect red talon and the whole hotel stops to get whatever it might be that she desires.
    You might be wondering why on earth I even invited her to my wedding in Las Vegas in 2003, but it is considered bad form to leave your brother-in-law’s girlfriend off the guest list - and anyway, she said she’d do my make-up.
    Even so, I did have second thoughts when I saw her in her slinky monochrome number, looking every inch the supermodel that she is.
    Did I really want this gorgeous girl in my wedding shots?
    Well, it was too late by then, and chubby old me would be forever immortalised in a white dress next to the most beautiful woman I’d ever met. (I did consider asking her to wear a bag over her head, but decided that might be hard to explain to the grandchildren.)
    She tried to make it easier on me, taking off her shoes and crouching down beside me in an attempt to minimise our differences.
    Even so, she was a good six inches taller, half as wide (despite all my pre-wedding dieting) and at least twice as beautiful.

    Her own wedding wasn’t much better. After a romantic proposal - complete with zillion- carat diamond ring, damn it - she walked down the aisle in the summer house at Cliveden in Berkshire with her best friend, the Wonderbra model, as her bridesmaid.
    The randy uncle was in heaven, along with all the other male guests, particularly when Miss Wonderbra’s dress turned see-through in a certain light, just so we could all check up on her brand loyalty.
    So that’s the supermodel bride, Miss Wonderbra and me lined up in another set of wedding photos to treasure.
    Now that we were officially family, we had even more reason to meet up, providing yet more opportunities for ritual humiliation. It’s quite natural for girls to get together for a shopping trip, so of course she and I hit the shops together from time to time.
    Now I am more plus size than size zero, so communal changing rooms are close to my inner circle of hell. Mila, on the other hand, is a dab hand at quick changes after years of dragging designer confections on and off backstage at the shows.
    So while she tried on the latest Topshop collections - all of which looked like haute couture on her - I listlessly sifted through the necklaces, safe in the knowledge that trying one on wouldn’t require me to take any clothes off.
    So how does Mila keep herself in such peak condition? Well, never eating helps. Don’t believe any model who tells you she eats like a normal person: she is lying.

    Mila is a good 6ft but fits a size 8 maximum.
    She does this by visiting the gym daily and by eating next to nothing.
    Whenever I sit down to a family meal, my own portion, however restrained, soon makes me look like a greedy porker because she always has a serving so small you’d need a microscope to see it.
    There’s no slobbing out with a takeaway or sharing chocolate cake with this girl. And she certainly won’t help you finish the wine bottle: do you know how many calories there are in the stuff?
    But while having a supermodel sister-in-law is never going to be easy, I might just get the last laugh. While the deposits of fat that my children left around my waist have had little effect on my career as a writer, the first casting Mila went to after she had her son was for swimwear.

    She stripped down to her lithe post-pregnancy size ten, walked in front of the client and was promptly told she was ‘too fat’ for the job.
    Perhaps there is a God after all.

    The Daily Mail
  2. i sort of understand her.... just don't like the schadenfreude bit in the end.
    plus, if she is so unhappy with her experience she could always exercise etc
  3. Good article, enjoyed reading it.
    But it seems that the supermodel is a nice person, which should be seen as the most important, rather than a SIL of hell !!
    I also had to deal with a perfect SIL. It felt like competition....she was a student in architecture, I was in industrial design, quite directly comparable. She would always get straight A, was really popular, had lots of friends, and was collecting men as well, even models.
    We both went study abroad, I won a prize but still she got the best marks on her project teacher had never given before.....I graduated with special honors(i was thinking that gonna be difficult for her) but then she also graduated with special honors....and then found Mr Perfect as a husband, got 2 lovely kids within a year, etc.....but at the end of the day she is super nice, so am I so I deal with it !
  4. Boo hoo... life sucks sometimes. Get past it.

    It's not Mila's fault that she's tall and pretty. It bothers me when people get mad at other people for something they have no control over. So, should Mila intentionally look like crap so Ursula can feel better about herself?
  5. Interesting. I agree that it would be difficult to have a super model sister/SIL. Even so, the author could lose weight if she wants to look better. I think it was really nice of her SIL to take off her shoes and crouch down in the wedding photos. Also, the end of the article is not very nice.
  6. It's not as if the SIL was trying her hardest to flaunt herself in the instances that she describes; she was just functioning like she normally does. I think the whole article is just really crass, tasteless, and unnecessarily rude.
  7. I was disappointed. I expected a much different ending, like she'd talk about how it's worth putting up with being invisible around her SIL, because she's a great person and not just a model or something. But to feel happy because she got turned down for a modeling job because of baby weight? That's more than insecure, that's nasty.

    I can relate to feeling like you're in somebody's shadow, and I'm sure a lot of us have a "perfect" sibling that can be hard to live up to (I know I do, my sister is one of those, but I adore her as well and we're very close). That part of the article wasn't even what bothered me (because really, we all have insecurities, and just "losing weight" isn't going to change those... can you imagine having a super model SIL? it would feel impossible to compare). But the ending was just... ugh.
  8. I have to agree with Charles :yes:

    Prada, where did you find this article? Very interesting indeed.
  9. I think it's really f'ed up that Ursula seems to get enjoyment over Mila being told she's now too fat to model. Imagine if someone told Ursula she was too fat for her job? People would be outraged. I've never understood why people get enjoyment out of anyone being discriminated against-either pretty or ugly, fat or skinny. When you're at the receiving end of it, it sucks no matter if you're a supermodel or not.

    I think Ursula needs to get over herself. I bet if she were more confident & more comfortable in her own skin, all the attention at family events wouldn't be focused on Mila.

  10. ITA.

    "She always has a serving so small you’d need a microscope to see it." This statement alone makes the whole article a joke.

    "There is a God after all" How dare? If it's true that the girl didn't eat much, then...she sacraficed to stay in that shape. In a way, she earned it.
  11. Ursula sounds jealous. In life there are always people who are going to be richer than you, smarter than you and prettier than you. It's better if you realize it!
  12. The Daily Mail.
  13. Thanks for posting Prada, very interesting article, I have to be honest I would probably feel the same way as the author. It must be difficult at times to have a constant reminder of someone so beautiful

  14. :yes: I agree with you both as well as the other posters, she sounds very insecure and in need of a self esteem bost, she is angry with someone for being who they are. She needs to examine herself...
  15. I definitely agree. People don't create themselves. I think the author of the story should just learn to be happy with herself---like some others mentioned..she can lose weight etc. Women need to learn to make the most of what they have and stop comparing themselves to other women.
    I think every woman is a supermodel in someones eyes....even Ursula--obviously.