I just hafta whine...

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  1. about how sad it is that LeSportSac won't ship to hawaii.... guess I gotta hit up my family and see if they will send me stuff if I order it huh. Any girls in Hawaii finding a good variety of prints at the stores at all ? Im looking for 2 things in specific but im coming up empty.
  2. What are you looking for?
  3. Looking for any print other than the tutti and the AS on a Buon Viaggio and the Stellina. I know the other day and the outlet in waikele that had only the small bags, and Ala Moana said they had nothing.
  4. We have a few more LeSportsac stores in Waikiki. Maybe you can try there? And you can try the DFS stores in Waikiki, too.
  5. Ok, I'll check those. Thanks.
  6. No problem! I love the BV... I have two of them and they fit sooooooooo much stuff. I hope you find something in Waikiki!!