I just had Twins-Black and Mystery Brown

  1. OMG I got Twin Cities from Barneys BH! They are both so squishy and yummy:woohoo:
    But at Barneys, they don't tell you the exact color-WHich Brown is this???? Tell me please:heart:
    I have to say the SA was soooo nice- She gave me extra tassles for each bag:yahoo:
    Her name is Miriam, lovely lady , so sweet.
    I got these on Halloween- very fitting colors, right?
    blackbrowncities.JPG browncityoutside.JPG blackcityfront2.JPG
  2. [​IMG]
    Is it Sienna/tabac or Mogano? I LOVE the leather sooo much. They are both from 07. I finally have two classics:graucho:
  3. Yep, you have a gorgeous black city and a scrumptious sienna city. Great colors to have. Congratulations!
  4. Thanks Bella, Is Sienna the same as Tabac? It's so odd because i was wanting Truffle but fell in love with this cause the leather is so veiny and soft and yummy:nuts:
  5. ^Yes it is. I love sienna, love the rusty color it has in it. I like truffle too, but your sienna city is yummy.
  6. ooooh congrats! yup, you got two classics! beautiful classics! i love sienna! cant wait to get mine! should be due on Friday or Saturday!
  7. Wow Ali, that so exciting!
    i can't belieive I got Extra tassles for free! So now I have Three Sets for each bag! They should do that with all of the bags so we don't have to beg or grovel to Bal Ny for them:boxing:
    Barneys gives 10% off of your first purchase so I saved almost enough to buy a coin purse- But I got my son some jeans instead!
  8. ^^^ yes I just saw that! how come BalNY (from what i heard) is never as generous? lucky girl!
  9. i think Barney's is just a nicer group of people! i never have bought anything from balny, just the retail stores like Saks, Neimans, Nordstrom etc.,
    Where did you get yours?

    I was wigging out for the last two days not being able to post on TPf- I am up wayyyy too late, but making up for lost time:yes:
  10. ooh, they're both lovely! congrats :smile:
  11. Both of your new Bbags are yummy!!
    I'm drooling over here! :drool::drool:
  12. Nice!! Two gorgeous bags!!
  13. they are both beautiful! And 10% off...thats awesome!
  14. They are both stunning! You are making me want a City with RH now!
  15. Thanks you guys! i think these will be my Classics. I almost bought a Chanel, but why when I can have two bbags for the price of one Chanel!
    They really had some nice bags at Barneys BH, lots of regular hardware and lots of giant hardware.
    I tried the gh City, but for me it was quite a bit heavier, so the RH is effortless to wear.