I just had to share this...

  1. My little one just went for a groom. She's all pretty for Valentine's Day. She's got her little bow and her Coach collar.
    Picture 073.jpg Picture 068.jpg
  2. Some more pictures
    Picture 071.jpg Picture 058.jpg
  3. Oh, she's soooo cute. What a cutie for Valentines day.
  4. Pretty girl!
  5. hehe thanks. She's a sweetheart. Believe it or not she's 5 yrs old!!! I've been sick for the past week and just last week she started having mood swings and started ignoring people and just sitting in the corner of the house not eating or drinking. I'm all better now and as soon as I got better, she started to be her normal self again. I started freaking out cuz I thought she was really sick but little did I know, she was only having sympathy pains...
  6. she is a DOLL!
  7. awwwwwwwwww the collar is adorable, but it is the little bow on her head that made me squee!
  8. AWWWW!!!! What a little doll baby! She's all coached out!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  9. awwww she's the cutest thing!!!!!!
  10. AWWWWWWWWWW! TOO cute! :love:
  11. Awwwe!!! She's ADORABLE!!!
  12. OMG!!! She is so cute!
  13. Ahh... how cute. That dog is adorable.
  14. hehe thanks guys!
  15. She's darling, looks like a little fox. What kind of dog is she? Love the pink Coach collar!