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  1. The quote from her stylist is hilarious. Enjoy!

    Eva Longoria partial "In Style" interview...Hermes related
    See below...her most expensive item....sounds beautiful!


    In Style
    How many closets does it take to make a "Desperate Housewife" happy? Just one, if it's anything like Eva Longoria Parker's. In Style magazine received a guided tour from the actress herself--and learned a lot more about the fashion-savvy star than just her taste in shoes.

    Best Dress
    A "gorgeous 1950s-style cocktail dress by Gustavo Cadile is my absolute favorite. It's fun, but classic, too," says Parker.

    Treasured Keepsake
    A clutch that belonged to her aunt: "She was the glue of our family. It's so beautiful and so impractical--nothing fits in it."

    First Christmas Gift From Tony Parker
    A necklace designed by Monique Lhuillier. "It's his Spurs number. I love it."

    Loves, But Doesn't Know What to Do With
    A "quirky lip-shaped purse by Judith Leiber. I can't figure out how to wear it!"

    Fashion Faux Pas
    "One time, my Mom and Aunt Didi were helping me clean out my closet. Aunt Didi had taken off her jacket. I grabbed it and was like, 'What is this? Who would give me this ugly thing?' And she was like, 'That's mine!'"

    Go-To Outfit
    "A thermal top, a scarf, and, I'm not just saying this because she's my friend, but I love my Victoria Beckham DVB jeans. She sent me three pairs--they're perfect."

    First Splurge
    "I'd always wanted Uggs, but I always had the impostors--the Muggs, the Thuggs, the everything but. I still wear [them]."

    Owns in Multiples
    "Christian Louboutin espadrille wedges. They're so high! I have them in every color. I've sprained my ankle walking on the cobblestones in Paris wearing them. They're a beautiful pain."

    Cool Freebie
    "Richard Tyler mules. I did a photo shoot and they said I could keep them. I simply could not believe someone would give me a $300 pair of shoes. I was fascinated!"

    Most Expensive Item
    "My hot pink crocodile Hermes Birkin bag. Robert Verdi, my stylist, told me, 'Wear it with everything--even to bed. This is going to be handed down in your will.'"

    To read Eva's complete interview, pick up the March issue of In Style, available on newsstands February 15.
  2. She's Just Adorable & Has The Best Taste!!!!!!
  3. Her bag is dreamy gorgeous!
  4. R. Verdi Is Too Funny!
  5. That was really adorable.And her stylist is absolutely right... birkin does go with everything :tup:
  6. That is funny! She is adorable... :p
  7. thanks for this. a nice read.
    we certainly do see her tote her croc b around!
  8. Thanks for sharing this coleigh, I was just reading the article & drooling over her fuchsia croc, nice....:tup:
  9. Adorable!
  10. We'll said! :yes:
  11. Well... I don't need to spend my H money on a stylist to tell me that! :graucho: :lol:
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  13. Hee hee...well put!! I love her pink croc....:drool:
  14. Hot pink croc! I'm :sick: with envy.
  15. Thanks for posting that. I did not renew my In Style subscription this year. Now I wish I had-- LOVE Eva's Croc Birkin!!!! (drool)