I just had to mommy i just had too...

  1. that is what i will be telling my mom when she calls me asking what the heck i could possibly buy for a $135 from gucci.com when she is coming here to take me on a spree in Dallas....but i just HAD to buy this because its just oh so hot! and it's a web exclusive! :smile:

    i cant wait to get it :yahoo:


    now i just need ideas of how to play with it!!! :smile: any ideas/pics?
  2. I had that on my list too but took it off to use that fund for more bags lol. I think itd be big enough for a scarf for your neck (several ways of tying that), or a headband, even as a hair tie, on your bags, hmm what else..
  3. Very nice. Maybe you could even tie it around your waist!
  4. hehe thanks guys :smile: i want to wear it around my neck, but i dont know how to tie it properly :sad:

    helpppers please :smile:
  5. nice scarf:graucho:!
    found some pics on the internet:
    maybe this can inspire you?

  6. I've seen people do bows too
  7. LOL too funny! Very cute by the way!
  8. that's a cute scarf!
  9. thanks!!! so sweet of you to include pics for my slow booty haha :smile: i love the last one :smile: wonder if i can pull it off!!!! i wanna figure out how to wear it as a braclet, i think itll look hot

    all else fails ill put it on my Navy gucci tote that i use for my book hehe :smile:


    thanks everyone else :smile: i know its nothing big, but its just somthing to tie me over until um this weekend hahaha :smile:

  10. hehehe good for you, you never run out of gucci funds.:tup: enjoy!
  11. I have a scarf and I wear it around my head. I could put it on my Abbey, but I haven't done that yet. The one I have is triangular but I like yours better cos it will go around the head better.
  12. does anyone EVER run out of gucci funds? heheh :smile: im


    EXCITED!!! i cant wait to get it...i should be getting it TOMMROW!! wohooooo ! :yahoo:

    and this SATURDAY!!! tottally hitting up the galleria in dallas and shopping my BUM off!! :smile: