I just had to have it... another Bottega... (pics)

  1. After having my first, a Veneta, three months ago I just grew to love Bottega more and more.... not counting the subsequent cosmetic and key pouch purchase, I caved in again and bought myself another Bottega yesterday, an Intreciatto weave in Ebano .... oh, btw, do someone know if this has a proper name other than what I have been told, an Intreciatto Weave bag....? I love the gold hardware on this bag, the jumbo size handle ring, the gold zipper on the sides and the braided handle.





    Frankly, now not even Chanel gives me the hots as much as a Bottega....

    I'll also post pics of my first purchase, the Venetta.. in my next post.

    Hope you enjoy the pics as much as I am enjoying these bags.... whew, frankly, I just love them so much!
  2. This is my first Bottega, a lace-edged Veneta.... (I've actually posted this under the "Your Bags Showcase" when I bought it in December 06).

    I think I am now a Bottega addict.... cos no other brands have got me this hooked!
    BottegaVeneta1.JPG BottegaVeneta2.JPG
  3. Beautiful bag! The details are what makes BV so great, and this bag is no exception. Good choice!
  4. Oh, WOW! Those are incredible. I love the braided handle on the first one and the details on the second.
  5. Congrats! Can you post a pic of the inside of the first one? or at least describe the inside? Thanks!
  6. I have not taken a pic of the inside... Basically, the inside has just one compartment with a phone pocket on one side and a side flat pocket with zipper on the other.... From the outside on the sides of the bag, it looks as if it has 3 separate compartments but it's not, just one main compartment inside only, and of couse, in suede (beige colour).
  7. Both are absolutely gorgeous and look great on you, the Ebano w/ the braided handle is just amazing! Congrats on 2 great purchases :yahoo:
  8. Off topic, but your pearl ring is TDF!!!!! Had to mention it! hehe
  9. I had the pleasure of seeing your bag in the Chicago Neiman Marcus and thought how wonderful it was---the woven leather, the intricate tiny chain detail, and my beloved braided handle. What a winner! So very beautiful. Congrats!:yahoo: It looks perfect on you.
  10. Girl I as SOOO right there with you. BV fever has taken over my life too!
    I purchased my first BV 2 months ago - a Black large Veneta hobo - then I purchased a continential wallet and a teeny keychain coinpurse thingy.
    I'm dying for another bag - I may even sell one of my Balenciaga's to fund it.

    I need help people - BV lust is out of control!!
  11. Does the weave bag come in different sizes or is that the only size? I really like the bag especially if it came a little smaller. Great purchases!
  12. oops. duplicate post.
  13. [​IMG]

    Wow, that is absolutely stunning. :love: I have never seen that BV style before. It's so chic and elegant. Congrats and enjoy your new bag!!!
  14. Your bag is SO BEAUTIFUL! I love those handles!!!!