I just had the worst shopping experience

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  1. I was just at a sample sale. I only had about an hour to shop because I am leaving New York very soon. But I wanted to stop by the sale because I was there earlier (while waiting for some friends before going to a party) and it looked like a good sale. So, I go back today. I am browsing, picking clothes up, looking at them, etc. The security guard comes over and says, "you can only try on six things at a time in the dressing room." I said, oh, thank you for letting me know. I keep looking. I pick up a dress and it looks nice. Another security guard comes over. This is about 2 minutes after the 1st security guard. He immediately says "NO! You can't do that." Then grabs all clothes out of my arm. He then says, "the other guy told you twice you can only try on six things at a time in the dressing room." So, I explain to him that I was browsing and I did not know which things I wanted to try on yet. He says, "No. We told you this before. You are going to the dressing room now. You cannot look anymore." I was dumbstruck so I follow him. The woman at the dressing room looks me up and down and says, "you have seven things. This time we let you try on seven things. We will make an exception for you." I was like, oh, well, I was still looking. I am unsure I want to try on all those things. She says, "We make an exception for you." I say, it's ok, can you just hold this stuff so I can keep looking?" She says, "No. You were here before. And we told you not to do this. You did this last time." I was confused. I told her I was there before but I only tried on 3 things. She says, no, you didn't. You did this before. I argue, saying I was there on Monday and I tried on three things. She disagrees with me again. I tell her, I don't have to try on one of the blazers. She says, we are making an exception for you, and then leads me to the dressing room.

    It was a completely awkward moment. If their policy is that you cannot HOLD ONTO more than 6 things, they should make it clear. There were no signs. The security guard told me I can only TRY ON six things. The second security guard yelled at me LOUDLY in front of the other customers and I really felt like they thought I was there to shoplift, even though I only have a TINY handbag that fits little more than my wallet and phone. It was obviously miscommunication but they should have been more courteous about it. I have never been to a store than did not allow me to hold onto things on the side while I try on the limit in the dressing room. They told me I can only look more once I try on the clothes and decide which ones I want to buy.

    I should have just left, but I was so dumbfounded by the whole situation. Completely mortifying. I normally get exceptional service in stores. I did not except them to bend over backwards for me, this is a very basic sample sale, but I found them unbelievably rude. After I got out of the dressing room, I left. I am still stunned.
  2. Have you ever been to NYC before...? :amuse:
  3. Ugh, wow. That's why I've never been to a sample sale and will never go. It's YOUR money that you're spending, with treatment like that, I'd rather just not go. Seriously.
  4. Which sample sale was this???
  5. Oh my, that's awful!! Can I ask which sample sale this was?
  6. Totally insane!
  7. Thats Crazy! I know you are still thinking "Uhh what just happened"?:confused1:
    Hopefully its something you can laugh at later ...that is just so bizarre!!

  8. Yes. I am actually in New York for fashion week.

    I know some places can lack service but this was really bad. Most of the time people (the salespeople or the customers) can be pushy, but this was mortifying.

    I don't want to say which sale because I don't want to bring them any extra business. But it is not an in house sample sale (which is what most sample sales are).
  9. I was thinking the same thing.
  10. How does the op being in NYC before have anything to do with it?
  11. OMFG! Well, they could have tried on TWO of my fingers!!!! Guess which ones? (yes, i can be quite the elegante damselle)
  12. I'm just going to say... You're lucky they had dressing rooms! Although I would've been confused also... and Kinda annoyed.

  13. Exactly.. do agree there should have been a sign saying no more than

    x amount of pieces can be brought into a fitting room..

    there is really no excuse for bad behavior especially during these times..
  14. i've had crappy assistance at a sample sale too. but this is ny. so i don't seem surprised.
    you can get the best and the worst here.
  15. It was a joke. NYC natives have a bad rep for being very rude and brash. I've actually been there multiple times and have found this to be 50/50 on the truth scale, to be honest.

    Anyhow, OP that is ridiculous and no one should be treated that way - period, regardless of location.