I just had an awful experience on ebay

  1. This was my first experience trying to sell anything on eBay. I bought a pink caviar bowler that I never used. I love the bag, but it didn't fit my wardrobe well. I didn't have many outfits to match the purse, even though its gorgeous,. Needless to say, I tried selling it on eBay.

    Because, it was my first time, I didn't have any feedback. So I decided to take a risk and put no reserve. Well I got 3 bids.

    I noticed the winner had a 96% positive feedback, but that she was not a registered user. I went to see what that meant. It meant for whatever reason, eBay froze her account doing business, but not bidding. They also mentioned that sometimes they do this because the user changed their info and they are trying to update their info and freeze their account as they did so. I thought nothing of it.

    Then I get an email from ebay that the bidder did not authorize the bid and someone stole her id to bid on my purse, and therefore, had to remove my listing. :tdown:

    I was angry, but I understand that if that was me, I wouldn't want ebay to go ahead with the sale either.

    But then...I get an email from Paypal that the money from the winning auction is in my Paypal account and to send the purse to Nigeria! I was like..what the...????? I noticed it was not aonfirmed address from the bidder and the name is totally different as well. Then I looked at the "sender" info on the top of the email. It say Paypal (serviceinfo@financier.com) and not a Paypal email address. What fraud and a scam!!!!!:cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    I have no faith in ebay anymore and I am so scared to buy/sell anything from them anymore!!!!!!!! :crybaby:

    So what should I do???? Should I keep a beautiful Chanel bag knowing I will never/rarely use or is there another way I can sell Chanel and get a reasonable amount for it. :sad: :confused1:

    Thanks for any and all advice/help.
  2. Aw, I understand your anger and frustration but please don't give up! I had the same experience several months ago trying to sell my Chloe Silverado on ebay. My auction instructions are very clear and I noted it was a USA only auction. The winning bidder was international with great feedback and I thought "Oh well, maybe I should honor the bid." Immediately after I sent her a message congratulating her on winning, ebay sent an email that her account ID was stolen and removed my listing. I didn't get any mail from a paypal scam thankfully.

    Give yourself credit for being smart enough to notice she was not a registered user and doing the detective work on that and the paypal email. Many people are not so astute. You saved yourself from a scam and that's a good thing!

    I finally relisted my Silverado on ebay last month and it sold to a really nice gal with a good history. When she messaged me about putting a BIN price on the bag so she could buy it right away, the transaction felt right and safe. I specifically mentioned in our correspondence that I would rather sell the bag hassle free at the same price as the opening bid than wait until the end of the auction to see if it bids up. It was my way of letting her know that in exchange for the lower price, I didn't want any trouble with buyer's remorse, chargeback, etc. I always offer a return policy anyway so that usually isn't a problem.

    Anyway, have faith and try again when you're ready!
  3. I agree. My first selling experience was much like yours involving a scammer from Nigeria but once you know what to look for, you'll be OK and it sounds like you took a very sensible approach. I've since bought/sold more than 200 items without problem (or -ve feedback on either side!).

    Don't let the bad guys put you off; there are mostly good guys out there!

    Good luck!
  4. Usually when you have no feedback but have an 'expensive' item listed, scammers try to take an advantage of you. Once you start building your feedback, you'll get less of them.
  5. Relist your item with a reserve ... or maybe try building your feedback before you sell again.
  6. When selling on ebay, you can tinker with seller preferences to get a certain type of bidder, one with no negative feedbacks, location, etc. That's really worth looking into. If you download Ebay's Turbo Lister, I find it extremely helpful with listing items with ease. Also, it's crucial to set the terms in your auction, "all sales are final" or "I only ship within the US" or whatever you need to make it clear to the buyer NOT to wiggle out of a deal. If you check out power sellers' auctions, you'll see what I mean.

    Also, when you're dealing with paypal, and those fraudulent emails... don't click on any links in the email, but hover over them to see whether or not it's legit. Then physically type out paypal.com and login. You can report those spoof paypal emails too, get them off the internet.

    I hope that helps you any. :smile:
  7. If you have zero feedback maybe you should consign your bag to someone who has experience and a good reputation. I'm pretty sure that PersonalShoppers on eBay works on consignment.
  8. Echo that.

    You should feel lucky since you did not lose your bag and got no money back. Ebay is getting scarier and scarier, really hate that:push:
  9. I personally do not trust ebay and it gives me anxiety. I would try selling the purse to a friend or see if you can return or exchange it- that depends where you bought it. Otherewise, maybe try to meet the requirements to sell on the forum marketplace and sell it to a trusted pf'er.