I just had a major "take a look at what's in your closet" moment!

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  1. Thanks, I never stopped loving her but I was too busy looking at new bags to pay any attention to the beauty in my own closet - and on my own avatar! :blush: Duh!
  2. Yes it is ~ especially compared to current eBay listings! I get a bonus check from work on the 15th & might just have to treat myself, so I'm keeping an eye on this & a few other Sydneys now... thanks for sharing it pdxmatts! :smile: The teal Legacy Lily's really caught my eye 'back in the day' and then I saw them selling for over $1000 (used) on eBay there for awhile ~ it was crazy! The Sydney is a *beautiful* alternative for a much better price!!
  3. I bought some tassel's too that I'm using to update my vintage bags. I walked into the coach store last week with my rehabbed Willis and had to convince the SA that it. wasn't a new bag!

    Congrats on your closet find katev!
  4. One word of caution, Sydney is a heavy bag, but she is well-balanced and sits on your shoulder well. But I think that the legacy Lily might be even heavier; sadly, I don't have one so I cannot compare the two!

    Good luck! Let us know how you spend your bonus check!
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    Thanks! We have rain forecast tomorrow (we really need it, too!) so she will stay in my closet for a bit; but she will get a chance for an outing soon, I promise!

    That's great! I'll bet she wouldn't have had trouble recognizing your Willis as used when you first got it!
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    Well, I think that I am completely over my flirtation with the cobalt candace carryall!

    I have have just seen a reveal and although the bag is gorgeous, I've just realized that it has a break-away zipper.

    I am not a big fan of break-away zippers so I am even more content than ever to enjoy the beautiful blue bag that is already in my closet and which has the flap closure I prefer!
  7. Always been a huge fan of this bag. I have it in the less snazzy black, and I know this much. I will NEVER give mine up. Unless someone wants to trade me for teal ?!?! ;)
  8. Thanks, this bag is sharp in any color but I particularly love the teal because it helped to break me of the "neutral color rut" that I was in before I found her!