I just had a heart attack ...

  1. I bought a 05 sky blue last week ... a wonderful kind seller gave me the tracking number and i could check what was going on with my beauty ... all ok parcel left states i think great should be here soon :yahoo: ...am just after checking it again ... we tried to deliver your package in new zealand at 6.10 am ... great but i live in IRELAND ! :hysteric: i was so waiting for it now im dying with anxiety - how can u mistake those two countries what is going on !!!????:crybaby:
  2. Oh not good. Contact the seller immediately and explain the situation. Good luck to ya!
  3. omg!!! ekekeke!!! i hope it gets to you soon!!! be sure to keep us up-dated!!! hope you baby arrives home safely!
  4. Oh no! Get in touch with seller like ranskimmie said
    My best to you, I hope she gets to you soon. Good Luck dearie!
  5. Yeeks!! Yes, please contact the seller right away! I've had stuff mis-delivered to a house across the street, but Ireland is no where near New Zealand! :wtf:

    I hope you get your bag!
  6. Oh NO!!

    But on the bright side, because it was over $250 and not signature confirmed, and was not delivered to you, Paypal will give back your money if the seller refuses to.
  7. omg!!! good luck and keep us posted. i wish you the best!!!!
  8. Wow! I agree, how can you mistake those two countries? Hope your bag finds its way to you!
  9. Oh dear, hope you're bag gets to the right destination soon. I had this ones happen to me with a coat I bought for my daughter, the seller actually forgot to add France on the adress and our coat traveled all around the US before reaching it's final destination about 6 weeks later:cursing:.

    Good that I had ordered it in August so she didn't need it urgently.

    Please keep us posted about the outcoming!
  10. :wtf:

    Any updates yet?
  11. i hope all goes well. drama like this kills the anticipation of waiting for your treasures to arrive
  12. oh my.... what a terrible thing!
    contact the seller AND the shipping service!
  13. oh no! first, see if the seller has the correct country so you can figure out who was to blame.

    my fingers are crossed! please keep us updated. in the meantime, your bag is taking quite a trip around the world!
  14. Ladies ...the seller was sick and it was her husband who went to the post office ... :push: and he was sending two packages : to me and to New Zealand ...so all that was wrong was the TRACKING NUMBER she gave me !!! i got the right tracking number and my bag should be here by the end of this week ! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Thanks for all your sweet words of support luv ya all ! :heart:
  15. OMG, thank goodness, LOL!