I just got yelled at for selling a property to a Phillipino man!

  1. This is so strange, and a bit scary. I have or I should say had, a rental house in Irvine, in Orange County. I decided to sell it about 2 months ago and with the help of a great Realtor we got an offer in 6 days and went to escrow and closed this afternoon. :tup:
    So, today I went over there to say "goodbye" to the house, sounds dumb but I have had it for a long time. I was standing in front of the house when the neighbors both run out, they are middle 40's, teachers, and she screams: "Thanks a hell of a lot, you idiot, what are you thinking, what have you done"! And continues to scream "thanks a lot, thanks a lot". She runs back into the house, and the husband tells me that they are very angry that I sold the home to a young Phillipino college student (his parents bought it for him) and that he feels that "those Asians party all the time" and will "cause problems". I was speechless, which is a rare occasion. I had nothing to say, what does one say to that?
    Anyway, it was very surreal, getting yelled at like that.
    What would you have said??
  2. I'd be grateful that you placed so much distance between yourself and neighbors like those. Don't let them get to you.
  3. WTH? I strongly dislike people who judge others before they know them based on race and looks.

    I would of told that lady that if she's got a problem then she might as well move because it's a done deal on the house.
  4. Aww that makes me so sad. My college roommate was Phillipino and I love her. I will never understand not liking someone because of their skin color or making assumptions based on it.

    There's nothing you can say to an ignorant asshat like that.
  5. :roflmfao: I hope that filipino guy who moved in parties til the break of dawn and has huge keggers, that lady sounds awful :tdown:
  6. Wow, some people! Be glad you're getting your distance from them. It wouldn't be so bad if the guy lives up to their expectations, either.

    How wonderful that they're educating the youth in this country... not!
  7. I think you just need to take something away from this experience and learn from it. Be a better person and pass it forward...don't let it take you down.
  8. I agree with everyone, I really did not know them as this property had been a rental property for the past 10 years. People will never cease to amaze me.
  9. that's unacceptable.

    your neighbors don't have the right to judge people by the color of your skin / race

    and to think they're both teachers. is that what they teach in school? judge and hate the minorities?

    (hmm, maybe you can tell the parents regarding your experience and I hope and pray that they are some kind of attorney or judge or some powerful entity so they can sue your neighbor's a s s! )

  10. Just shrug it off, Irishgirl, not even worth a second thought! Feel sorry for the boy, though, who has to live with such racist, ignorant neighbours, somebody should give them a piece of their mind, but doubt it would change their judgemental view of people...
  11. Holy crap J! Are you serious!?
    EEEW! Aren't you glad you don't property next to them anymore!?
    so many ignorant people. . . . :sad:

  12. Yes, can you imagine? Ick.
  13. ^^Can you tip off the new owner?
  14. Ack. That kinda makes me sick, considering that I'm Filipino, too, and I used to live in Irvine. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that Irvine has somewhat of a college community (well, not really, but it's where UCI and Concordia (?) Univ. is) and a nicely sized Asian population. I'd really hate to be a student for them...that's just disgusting. I hope you get a chance to forewarn the new owner of his bigoted neighbors.

    Anyway, I've been a victim of both outward and indirect racism, and hearing things like this will make me more wary of whom I speak to and where I go...
  15. Sounds like they are a bunch of sterotyping moronic bigot that should attend a rockin' party more frequently. Personally, I'd be glad to be the hell away from them.