I just got this

  1. You better have that authenticated...I have never seen a sticker like that in a Chanel...
  2. ^I agree; however, I'm not sure how different things were for the vintage pieces.

    Their feedback seems to be okay and it's all Chanel items sold.

    Congrats on your new purchase!
  3. Oh girl~ You scared me... I'm contacting the seller see if I can get my $ back~ :push:
  4. Thanks~~~ :yes: I will get my mom one soon~~
  5. Post in the "Authenticate This Chanel" thread. They are really helpful over there. Don't worry just yet.
  6. Good luck on your new bag - hope it is everything you expect it to be. Post more pictures when you get it.:tup:
  7. I'm pretty sure this one was just deemed authentic on the authenticate this thread-check the last page. GL!
  8. I get worried cuz it's from Japan. They make a lot of fakes there don't they?
  9. I suggest you post in the authenticate this thread. If it turns out there is an issue you can pursue through eBay, pay pal or your credit card (if you paid through credit card).
  10. Actually, Japan is pretty good for buying genuine bags! China on the other hand...
  11. I hope you check the Authenticate this thread b/c the purse looks good to me for a 2-series! It's an XL Jumbo and they're no longer made...you got a bargain! :smile:

  12. Cool, if its real...great buy!
  13. I agree ... Japan seems to have a pretty good reputation for authentic bags. However you should always take precautions buying bags online or second hand. Doesn't hurt to be too sure. Good luck!
  14. Beautiful bag. Congratulations!:yahoo: