I just got this in the mail...REVEAL

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  1. I am so excited I just got this beauty in the mail. Its an oldie but its a classic.
    :yahoo: What's in the Hello Kitty bag?


    a LV of course!


    But which BEAUTY (hint)?:nuts:
  2. Another hint...promise I won't drag it out I am too impatient to do so :P

  3. trouville?
  4. deauville!? :popcorn:
  5. HK & LV, why those are 2 of my fav things! open, open!!!
  6. :popcorn: i love hk too!
  7. Hello Kitty makes LV more cutier
    open open
  8. Trouville?
  9. Trouville?
  10. open open....:couch:
  11. Whoa you're good.:biggrin:

    Introducing my new to me Trouville. I got such a great deal on it I couldn't believe it. I know its meant to carry makeup but I think this makes a perfect everyday bag. Its not as common as the speedy but its a classic. The washable lining is a plus and the pockets.

  12. YaY!! she's gorgeous. love the patina on her. I think it's a perfect everyday bag. congrats!! just in time for v-day :happydance:
  13. very nice!! Congrats!!
  14. gorgeous!!! congrats!!
  15. Congrats!:biggrin: