I just got this dress for my work Christmas party

  1. Very classy!!
  2. Very cute...
  3. Thanks, balihai88 & honeybrown!
  4. :tup:
  5. look gorgeous... you've got a nice dress!
  6. sorry but the pattern of the dress looks like it could be for curtins or table cloth
  7. agree. i, too, don't like the pattern.
  8. I like it...
  9. im like the built in corset!! nice
  10. Thanks!

    In terms of the pattern I tend to go for funkier ones like that - I very rarely buy plain clothing. It's either bright colored or has stripes (I am wearing a rainbow striped sweater today - which sounds weirder than it is. It's from Talbots, so it's not over-the-top.). I liked the fact that the pattern is funky but the wool and the fit are classy, and no-one else would probably show up in anything like it.
  11. P.S. I also already own a wool cape I can wear with it. Which is good because it is this Friday and should be around 30 degrees (brrr). I also have the perfect gold Guiseppe Zanotti shoes to wear with it (gold snakeskin with jewels) to liven it up a bit.
  12. Wow, very elegant...
  13. classy!
  14. I like the material, fit, and "funky" pattern but the color is a bit drab