I just got this bag...what do you think?

  1. I just ordered this bag and wanna get your opinions. I've wanted a bag in Grey for a while, plus I like the Shopping style...so it's a good combo for me. Does the leather look okay? This is the pic from BalNY. I will take pics in person when I get it. I hope it will be okay. (Hate that I can't return for a refund if I don't like it, but what are you going to do huh?!!!)

    Also!!!!!, I know this is the Bal forum, but I wanted to get bal girls' opinions on this LV bag Scarlett is sporting. I'm next on the waitlist but can't decide if I want it. I imagine the wonderful LV girls would give me the go-ahead, but what do you gals think? Seriously, is it too strange looking? Will it be an IT bag now, and silly to wear next year? TIA for both opinions. :smile:

  2. Love the purse and I think Scarlett is FABULOUS!!
  3. Both bags are gorgeous! I love the aged leather on the first bag, it looks so soft. And the second bag's handles are beautiful. I would definitly get it.
  4. The leather on the Shopping is amazing! Great choice. I agree with madiandcindy, Scarlett is fab. Look at her outfit, it's gorgeous. I'm not crazy for the LV bag though. Not my style.
  5. Love the gray.

    I like Scarletts LV, but not for the price of LV's. My bf's Mom has alot and I just don't think the quality is great at all. Also, is Scarlett's canvas matieral?
  6. I love your Gray Shopping.:yahoo: I can't wait to get the Plomb in the Work or Weekender too.:yes: I am not too crazy about the LV though.:rolleyes:

  7. It's soft lambskin I think. $2556 with tax. The leather is amazing in person. I just don't know about the style. I like it now, but will I like it later?
  8. Like the LV better
  9. I love scarletts bag! Its sick. I like the shopper too but scarletts bag is great!

    Get both - wish I could
  10. OMG I'm on the hunt for SS 06 Grey too! I knew they had the shopper but was quite unsure about the leather! I'm glad you got one, love the leather!:drinks:

    About Scarlett...:ninja:
  11. I like the LV bag, but the price make me cringe a bit.
  12. I LOVE your new Shopping,Oo_let_me_see!:love: Congrats!:yahoo:

    I'm not too crazy about the LV either...
  13. thanks everyone.

    GOOD!...talk me out of the LV please! lol
  14. love the grey shopping more :heart:
  15. 1) The Shopping looks great!

    2) Sorry to be an enabler, but I'm so in love with the LV cloud line! I will say that I prefer the nimbus to the stratus tho', if that helps at all? Lol!