I just got these pics in an email

  1. A picture of a few Speedy and Keepall Styles/sizes...

    F/w shoes for the women. I got men's shoes too but the Women to men ratio in here is 400 to 2? lol. Now all the MC shoes come in both colors but I was not given both styles of pics.
  2. Thanks for sharing Matt,

    Epi keepall in red...wow...that's gorgeous!
  3. Cool pics...Like the shoes!THANKS!
  4. :yes: :yes: I want I want I want!
  5. Love the sandals.
  6. love the little MC thongs...too cute, thanks for sharing!
  7. lol the speedy looks so small and cute
    and i love the new shoes! they are so freakin hot!
  8. oh my god i love the mc sneakers!!
  9. Ooo love those shoes! Thanks for the pic post Matt!
  10. Love the 2 shoes on the left side! They look so girly!
  11. red epi speedy=beautiful!
  12. That's the keepall 45 my dear! but the red epi speedies are HAWT!! lol

  13. those shoes are the cutest thing ever! thanks for posting pics.
  14. The Red Epi Keep All Is Magnificent! I Love ALL The Sandals!!!!! :smile:
  15. I :heart::love: the shoes! I love how it shoes the speedy and keepall in order.:yes::biggrin: