I just got the....

  1. Kooba Annie in black! She is SO beautiful! Really soft leather. The corset and studs are fun, but elegant. She can be worn crossbody so she is very comfortable. I LOVE HER!!!! I just had to share. I know you girls get it.....Her sister Jillian is going to be jealous......:yahoo:
  2. Hey!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! I think the Annie is very sexy!!!!! Koobas are the greatest! Wear her well!!
  3. The Annie is a great bag. Congratulations.
  4. Enjoy!
  5. Congrats on a beautiful bag!
  6. I love the Annie. It's a wonderful look. Enjoy!!
  7. The Annie is such a pretty bag! Congrats!
  8. Gracie, congrats on your new Annie! I :heart: that style!
  9. I just got my Oak Annie from NM today. LOVE the bag and the crossbody ability. And the size is great. What more can I ask for for 275.00. OH...I know what I can ask for.....some human hair all tangled and matted into a ball on the strap! Yes, I must have gotten a floor model. The bag is perfect and I removed the hairball...LOL
  10. Eeeeww!!! Kinda funny, but Eeeeww!!!
  11. The Annie is such a practical looking bag. Hoping to see some pics girls... minus the hairball :yucky:
  12. Yay on your new Annie!

    I have her little sister, Keira, and love love the corset details.
  13. Eeeww is right Lexie! Doesn't anyone look at these bags before they put them in the box to mail?