I just got the Quilted Elise in Topaz!

  1. Hi ladies,

    I just went to Saks on my lunch break and surprised myself with the Quilted Elise in Topaz. It's soooo pretty! I will post pics when I get home. Does anyone else have this bag yet?

    I'd seen some on eBay, but I was too worried about getting a fake since it's such a new style.

    I've been having a bad couple of weeks, and today I decided I deserved a treat. :heart:
  2. i dont have it but think it is adorable.. and im not even normally very fond of quilting :smile: Was it on sale? I was watching the one you posted for authenticity and wondered how much they retail for lol.. Please post pics when you get home and give me some details ( like zippers) and pics of the bottom in case i do find a real one on eBay! Congrats on your bag..i should just go to Saks myself :p cecelia
  3. It was $1050 and sadly not on sale.:push:

    I can take pics of the details to help others authenticate the ones on eBay, if that hasn't been done already. I'll do that tonight or this weekend. :heart:
  4. Congratulations!! I've been dying to get a Quilted Elise for a while now. Let me know what you think of it! :smile:
  5. Congratulations! It is a lovely bag indeed. Is it too heavy?
  6. Actually, the thing that sealed it for me is that it's not too heavy. I think because there's no chain on it or other extreme hardware, and the interior os fabric instead of suede, it's lighter than you'd expect. Granted I haven't really carried it yet, but it felt lighter than my suede lined Venetia, my swagger, and every single one of my Chloe bags.

    Thanks for sharing my buzz. :heart:
  7. Ooooo!! Congrats!! The Topaz is such an amazing color! Can't wait to see the pics! :yahoo:
  8. Congrats on your purchase! Topaz is such a beautiful color. I'm sure it will look even better in Elise. You're so lucky!!:yahoo:
  9. Congrats on your new Elise! It's such a lovely, cheerful color! I'm sorry you've had a rough few weeks...definitely know the feeling as I too went out a bought a new bag (unfortunately, not a MJ, but a Balenciaga). So, enjoy!
  10. ooo, sounds pretty! Can't wait till I see pics!
  11. SuLi, sorry to hear you've been needing retail therapy too! I hope things are looking brighter. Enjoy your new bbag! :heart:
  12. i LOVE the color, if i got an Elise it would surely be this one!
  13. LOVE topaz!!!!!! Sooooooo perfect for s/s!!! :love:

    Congrats!!!!! :yahoo:
  14. I saw it at the Marc Jacobs boutique today and thought about getting it. Im holding out for the fall 07 colors. I like that size and I also liked that it wasnt "weighty". Congrats on your new bag! The color is TDF.
  15. Congrats!!! Patiently waiting for the pics!!!! Yes I'm sharing your buzz!!!:yahoo: