I just got the Nicole and Ashley Sunglasses! Pics!

  1. What do ya think? They are sooo pricey for what may kinda look like costume sunglasses haha. But I think they are cuuuute! Do you think they are too trendy though? Sorry I kinda took the same picture in all 3 but I wanted to show off the side and the other side has a big tag hanging off it ;)

  2. cute. how much were they?
  3. $425!!!
  4. They look great on you!
  5. They look GREAT on you. Where did you find them?
  6. A TPF'er had another pair that she was going to be returning so she did and then I bought them :yes:

    Still don't know if I'm keeping them for sure yet. We'll seee.......
  7. i love them!!!! i want them, but i doubt they will look good on me.
  8. Those sunnies look amazing on you! And how fab are they going to look with your black Medallion tote?!
  9. OMG, i just ordered mine and i'm waiting for them to come! they are pricey but who cares, it's vintage look and it's chanel and so, it's TIMELESS!!

    nice one, girl! i love that on you!!!
  10. Haha thanks! So you personally think they will stand the test of time and not be out of style like next month?? I actually wish Nicole Richie and Ashley Olsen didn't wear them, cuz then it wouldn't maybe be on the verge of being a fad....ya know?
  11. Not something I would wear, but congrats! :supacool:
  12. yes! i know!!! i just wished they didn't wear it. it'll be like omg, that's so passe, by next season. those are fab sunnies imho, i think my mom would laugh at my electic taste LOL. i usually buy huge sunnies (like chloe / dita / raybans) and i'm really anal about the fitting because i have really high cheek bones. but i forgive this pair of shades, they are just so TDF!!! doncha think?

    they remind me of my favorite audrey hepburn.. so screw nic and ash! IT'S TIMELESSSSSSSSS......... xoxoxooxxoxo!
  13. omg, and you make me wanna have my sunnies even more! thing is, the first look wasn't that appealing but it eventually grew on me so much that i must have it now! i love things that grow on me (like the Cabas i just posted a thread on my dilemma, help!) and i hope it'll on you too!

    i want mine, i want mine i want mine! i just love how small the chanel logos are yet it's in an obvious white :smile:
  14. you are very pretty in them Joey. you should keep them. if not, remember to leave them with your SA for me :yes:
  15. haha, those are very nice.