I just got the new chain red caviar jumbo, too!

  1. I hope I love it.

    Will post pics when it arrives!
  2. may i ask where you got it from?
  3. Where did you get it from? thanks
  4. Saks in nyc -- but it was the last one!
  5. really? do you know if they are expecting any more?
  6. I'm not sure. I asked about timeless clutch, and he said they would get another shipment of those soon...

    I would try Saks bh, just for fun. you never know if they sent a ton out west too?
  7. Joseph knows about every bag at Saks NYC...maybe he can find more!
  8. what's saks bh? by the way, who's your SA?
    and CONGRATS!!! i hope you will like it, it's such a hot bag!
  9. saks bh= saks beverly hills.

    call patti, she's the sweetest, and she would let you know if there are any reds available in their store...

    I work with Endo (sp?) at Saks NYC...
  10. Lucky you ... I'm on a few lists
  11. I do not think all the stores have gotten them yet. Probably any day. Might be they are just starting to send them out.
  12. Woo Hoo!!!:yahoo: When will you have it?
  13. He's sending it ground, so probably next thurs?

    you definitely have the benefit of introducing us all to the much anticipated new release... !!!
  14. Maybe not, maybe someone will be lucky enough to pick one up in person. Brendan said that they only received 4 bags and he doesn't know if they will get anymore in. Isn't that crazy!:nuts:

  15. I was on the list but didnt get a call. *sigh*
    Oh well. I tried. Guess I was lower than #4