I just got the gray deborah, but I need to sell

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  1. I've never even used it. Am I gonna take a huge loss do you think?
  2. I am sorry you have to sell such a great bag! Unfortunately, I am guessing you will incur a several hundred-dollar loss. Is there anyway you can just return it?
  3. Oh no! I love that light grey color, it's so nice! Yeah, I'm guessing you'll take a bit of a loss if you sell it on eBay but if you can't return it at least you'll make back most of your money. Sure you can't keep it? It's so pretty! I'd love a Christy in that color.
  4. Nope, it was from the MJ store. :sad:
  5. Why do you need to sell it? just curious...
  6. Was there any advantage to buying from the MJ Boutique (i.e. suede or leather interior)?
  7. Yeah..I'd like to know this too..:confused1:
  8. no, I had a little credit to use up.

    I need to sell it because I found another bag I wanted to buy.
  9. HI,
    we don't really allow threads like this. . . it's often interpreted as a hint to solicit buyers and that's not permitted at all here.
    I AM NOT insinuating that's what you're doing, but the truth is, it is what a lot of people assume.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.