I just got the Chloe Tall Buckle boots from NM!

  1. The Chloe boots I have been looking all over for have re-appeared out of the blue just for me....they magically appeared on NM sale at 1/2 off and only one in my size! Now is that fate or what???:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    These are my beauties:
    Chloe -  Buckled Knee Boot -  Neiman Marcus=
  2. Talk about meant to be.... CONGRATS!!!!
  3. OMG, That's one hot boot. I've been looking for it forever. First the grey colored one and now the brown. I bought the Edith and Buckled riding boot to compensate, but seeing this one just made me want it even more. WHy oh why did you do this to me????....:crybaby:
    I guess I should feel good that it's a pfer that got it....
    Congratulations on your lucky snag. It was meant to be.
  4. ...oh congrats I just love those!
  5. nice boots. also an icon boots for chloe...
  6. wow, this was so meant to be then, a fated sale :yes:

    I love these boots, I have the slightly higher ones, and you will get so much wear out of them, plus the leather just gets better and better.

    congrats, they are fab, and the price is incredible.
  7. Lucky you! Love those boots! :yes: May I ask what size so I don't kick myself for missing out!
  8. They were a 7.5...I am normally a 7 but everyone said to get a 1/2 size bigger!

    I am so excited....and I called to make sure they didn't cancel my order and they didn't. They actually have the boots.

    The only thing I am worried about is that if they were a return and if there is anything wrong with them!!! I heard that happens a LOT with the Bags from NM and BG!!! my fingers are crossed!!!
  9. Those are beautiful! Talk about fate.
  10. Congrats!!! It was meant to be!:yahoo: :heart:
  11. Nice boots! congrats!!
  12. I see the off white lower heeled riding boots are on sale in my size - but I would much rather find ones like yours! Would the off white Paddy buckled boots go with dresses?
  13. Those are great! Congrats! I just received my Chloe Edith boots from BG.com yesterday. They are so pretty! :smile:
  14. I think they would go in a funky cowboyish sort of way....
  15. I have the riding and the edith boots. I love them. Divanata, I think they could go well with dresses, but I plan on wearing my riding boots with jeans.